The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2194 - : Bickering With Chu (3)

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Chapter 2194: Bickering With Chu (3)

Zhuge Liang was a famous military advisor during the Three Kingdoms period. In the game ‘Honor of Kings’, his position was a mage.

His second skill was three-segment displacement. This means that he is able to run away quickly.

Li Jianrui loved Little Brother Zhuge Liang mainly because he was handsome and his voice was pleasant to listen to.

However, Li Jianrui’s operations were quite unflattering.

Li Jianrui puffed up her cheeks and looked at Li Mosen. She asked, “Brother Mosen, what can I play?”

“Play Zhuge Liang. the most important thing is to be happy.”

“But, what if we lose?”

“It doesn’t matter. Playing games is a form of entertainment, it isn’t a competition.” Li Mosen’s eyes crinkled merrily as he smiled at her; he then lifted his hand and patted Li Jianrui’s head. “What are you afraid of? Even if we lose, I’m the one treating everyone.”

“That’s right.” Li Moyun smiled so brightly that a flower could bloom on his round face. “So what if you lose? Brother Mosen wouldn’t blame you. Brother Chu is a newbie too. Both of you combined will mean that Brother Mosen is destined to lose the game.”

“Li Moyun!” Li Jianrui was furious. “How can you compare me to a newbie? I am offended! How is your conscience clear?”

“It’s very clear. Hurry up and play with Zhuge Liang and lose. Help me win the game.”

Ou Xiaoxiao laughed heartily as she exclaimed, “Moyun, you’re so bad!”

Rong Panpan couldn’t stand the bickering anymore. She then said, “Why don’t I change sides with Ersu so that Ersu is in the same team as you? I can play with Mosen and Brother Chu.”

This would mean that the difference in skills wouldn’t be so big and it would be fairer for both teams.

“No way. That would defeat the purpose.” Li Moyun said seriously, “This is supposed to be a battle between Ersu and me. Right, Ersu?”


While the children joked and bickered with one another, Li Jianrui had already chosen her Little Brother Zhuge Liang as her hero. As for Li Mosen, he chose the hero he was more familiar with, Miyamoto Musashi.

Miyamoto Musashi was a Japanese swordsman. He is considered to be invincible in the game.

He was indeed invincible. After all, in his prime era, he was able to escape even when faced five enemies alone.

Although his abilities had been decreased, compared to many other heroes, he was still much stronger.

Li Moyun smiled when he saw the battle formation.

Since he knew that Li Jianrui was going to choose Zhuge Liang, Li Moyun sneakily chose a hero whose operations were more difficult, Luna.

Luna was able to leave a mark on her enemy’s body. As long as the mark was there, she was able to use all three of her skills infinitely.

The skill that put her at a great advantage is the beauty of the Goddess of Moonlight which sucks you in. This was her second skill. No matter how fast Zhuge Liang ran, he would be sucked back to her, preventing him from escaping.

Li Mosen’s battle formation was: Miyamoto Musashi, Zhuge Liang, Li Bai.

As for Li Moyun’s formation, it was: Luna, Zhang Fei, Sun Shangxiang.

Sun Shangxiang was a marksman. Her first skill was the ability to roll everywhere. She then attacks her enemy after each roll. In a few attacks, she is able to kill her enemy.

As for Zhang Fei, he was an extremely ugly and rough-looking bulky man.

Zhang Fei’s third skill was something his enemies feared greatly. Zhang Fei’s ugly appearance along with the additional effects given by his third skill, he can stun his enemies directly with his ugly appearance.

Once a hero gets stunned by his ugliness, they are unable to do anything. He can then torture them, rendering them helpless.

Li Jianrui looked at her opponent’s battle formation. She then pouted and said, “Brother Mosen, I think we will lose.”

“Don’t be afraid. Just don’t die.”

However, he knew that it will be difficult to ensure that Li Jianrui does not die.

Some people were bad at the game yet they still loved to move around aimlessly, leaving them extremely vulnerable to attacks. Li Jianrui was exactly this kind of player.

In a blink of an eye, she had already died three times.

Li Jianrui, in a pitiful tone, exclaimed, “Can you cut me some slack?”

“No!” Li Moyun screamed, absolutely elated. Soon, he was surprised by Brother Chu’s abilities and remarked, “Brother Chu seems to be doing quite well. He knew that he should jungle to gain finances. What the f**k, he even knows how to attack the tyrant?”