The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2193 - Picking a Fight with Chu (2)

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Chapter 2193: Picking a Fight with Chu (2)

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As the party evolved, Yu Chulin immediately looked over.

Li Moyun grinned deviously and said, “Brother Chu, do you know how to play this game?”

“I guess,” Yu Chulin replied with reservations. “I know a little.”

“Oh…” Li Moyun believed him and suggested, “So you know a little? Let’s play then. You can team up with Brother Mosen and my sister. I’ll guide the adorable Xiaoxiao and Panpan. How’s that?”


Yu Chulin agreed readily and Li Moyun smiled with sheer delight.

Although he played games by his own rules, he became a High King through his own abilities.

Ou Xiaoxiao was also quite talented and was already in the Champion rank. Rong Panpan was also in the top tier of the Platinum rank and was close to entering the Diamond rank.

On the other hand, Li Jianyue was a rookie and no matter how impressive Li Mosen was, it would be hard for him to play well while guiding a rookie and a newbie.

Li Moyun was already silently looking after his own interests, setting others up for failure. “Let’s agree on this first. The loser will treat the winner to dinner today,” he announced.

“Sure,” Yu Chulin replied without hesitation, he was already reaching for his cellphone. “Let’s begin.”

Yu Chulin tapped right into the game after logging in and everyone realised that he did not even have a ranking.

Li Moyun chuckled and tapped on the 5V5 map. After sending an invitation to the three of them, he entered the group.

Li Jianqian sat by the side and watched them pit against each other. “Go ahead and play, guys. I’ll be in charge of ordering the food later on,” he said with a smile.



“No problem!”

Nobody had any objections and they entered the battle right after everyone had selected their respective heroes.

With his sharp eyes and attention to detail, Li Moyun noticed that Yu Chulin had chosen a hero who was free for use for a limited time. His hero, Li Bai, was more difficult to control.

The immortal swordsman Li Bai, was dressed in casual flowing white robes and looked valiant with his short hair. A wine gourd hung from his waist and he would drink two mouthfuls from time to time. He was also holding onto a long sword and his character is tapped, hearty laughter rings out and he exclaims, “The water of the river comes from the Heaven, surging into the ocean, never to return again.”

“F*** it’s Li Bai!” Rong Panpan directly blurted out, astounded.

Li Jianyue noticed it too and immediately stopped Yu Chulin, “No Brother Chu!”

However, Yu Chulin had already confirmed his selection just as Li Jianyue tried to stop him.

“We’re done for…” Li Jianyue thought.

In non-qualifying battles, once the selected hero has been confirmed, it could not be changed.

Yu Chulin who did not know what he had done wrong was puzzled and innocently asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Jianyue looked as if she had lost all reason to live and explained, “It’s over. This character is very difficult to control. I’ve tried to master him for a long time but have yet to get the hang of it. The character has a very low HP too and that means that you must be great at blocking. Gosh!”

“It’s alright,” Yu Chulin chuckled. “I’ll give it a try.”

“Hahaha!” Li Moyun could already feel their victory. “Sure, give it a try. It’s good to give things a try. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know how pathetically you’ll die.”

Li Jianyue felt even angrier when she saw him gloat over their misfortune and she reached over to give him a pinch.

Li Moyun squealed like a pig, “Ouch ouch ouch!”

“It’s alright,” Li Mosen said. “Ersu, go ahead and pick a character that you’re good in controlling.”


Li Moyun laughed smugly and remarked, “Don’t worry. There’s none which she’s good in controlling. Hahaha!”

Li Jianyue was so furious that she gave him a kick and rebuked, “Who told you so? I can play the mage. I’m also very good at controlling Zhuge Liang.”

“Yes, yes. That’s because they can escape fast, isn’t it?”

Li Jianyue was rendered speechless upon hearing his remark.