The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2192 - : Picking a Fight with Chu (1)

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Chapter 2192: Picking a Fight with Chu (1)

“Seriously?” Li Moyun thought. He was already dizzy from being knocked over. If he continued to play, he would be the one suffering.

He was panting when he finally got off the ride, the fats throughout his body were aching from being badly shaken.

“I’ll definitely tell Dad about this when we’re back home!” he contemplated angrily as he watched the Li Mosen and Li Jianyue, who had been in cahoots.

“Hmph!” he snorted.

While that was what Li Mosen had in mind when they got off, he soon forgot about it.

After playing and going on rides for an entire day, the children were famished.

Upon exiting the amusement park, they made their way to a restaurant in Kingstown. It is well known for its fish with pickled cabbage. Many claim that the dish tastes heavenly.

The food was cheap but delicious and most importantly, the restaurant owner was a great fan of the game, Honor of Kings. He awarded different discounts based on one’s ranking in the game.

Customers who were ranked among the top five in the game could enjoy half price and would even be personally served by the restaurant owner. They are also given priority and have their meal served ahead of everyone else.

There was an endless stream of customers who craved for the delicious food and many of them were fans of the game. Other than the locals, many tourists also patronise the restaurant.

It was a pity that Li Jianyue and Yu Chulin were not interested in the game.

Li Mosen was the Honor King and has the highest rank among them. However, he was only ranked sixth in the region.

Thus, the group spent an hour waiting in the queue.

The group continued to play the game as they queued outside the restaurant and they were boisterous and energetic as they did so.

From time to time, people would look at them, attracted by their appearances. Someone even asked, “Do you still need someone? Form a team with me then. I’ll guide and help you guys win.”

It was a youth who spoke and he was obviously still a student. His eyes were fixed on Li Jianyue and he smiled warmly at her as he spoke.

Li Jianyue was the prettiest among the three girls. Her skin was incredibly fair and smooth and her features were charming and beautiful like Su Qianci’s.

Li Jianyue was about to reply when Li Mosen said, “That’s enough, it’s not necessary.”

“I see,” the youth replied, slightly disappointed. When he returned to his group, his companions nudged each other and jeered at him.

Li Jianyue stared at her character, Sun Shangxiang, whose score was 0-9 and her heart ached slightly. “Brother Mosen, I’m such a rookie, aren’t I?” she asked timidly.

“No, you’re better than Moyun,” Li Mosen replied with a smile.

Li Moyun instantly became indignant when he heard this. “Brother Mosen, you’re wrong. Look, the score of my character, Luna, is 18-3. This shows how strong I am,” he emphasised.

Li Jianyue too felt that Li Mosen was lying through his teeth. “I’m aware of my own abilities…” she said.

“Soon, your battle record will be better than his,” Li Mosen assured.

Li Moyun snorted and rebuked, “She might still be weaker than me even if I were to give her half of my abilities.”

Ou Xiaoxiao who was beside them laughed and nodded in agreement, “Moyun’s pretty good at games.”

“Yes. Brother Mosen, you’re too biased,” Rong Panpan chimed in. She too could not bear to watch on. “You can’t say such a thing even if Moyun is a pushover.”

“Hey, whose side are you on?” Li Moyun exclaimed and the girls began to giggle.

Li Moyun could not take it and decided to challenge him, “When we change our formation, I’ll lead Xiaoxiao and Panpan while you lead Ersu. How’s that?”

Xiaoxiao and Panpan were somewhat familiar with the game just like Ersu but, she knew that she would only be bullied if she were to be pitted against Li Moyun.

“You have three people on your team. I won’t agree to this!” Li Ersu protested unhappily.

“Brother Chu knows how to play this game too. He could join us,” Li Moyun laughed deviously. “Brother Chu already downloaded the game on his cellphone. I saw it yesterday. Brother Mosen, since you’re so good at this, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to guide Brother Chu as well, right?”