The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2184 - The Load on Mosen’s Mind (1)

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Chapter 2184: The Load on Mosen’s Mind (1)

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Li Jianyue did not dwell much about it after receiving Li Mosen’s reply.

She then turned, stuck her arms to her waist and raised her eyebrows at her friends arrogantly. “Come on, let’s begin!” she exclaimed arrogantly.

Everyone could tell that Li Jianyue was brimming with confidence when they saw her stance.

Li Moyun was strongly against the sitting arrangement and quickly waved his hands in objection, “No way. Brother Mosen can’t sit here. Let’s change our positions!”

“No, you want to bully me, don’t you?” Li Jianyue rejected. “Besides, Brother Mosen and I might be on opposing teams.”

“Even so, that won’t do. He’ll never kill you,” said Li Moyun, who had seen through everything a long time ago. “You’re taking advantage of the fact that you have Brother Mosen on your side. Do you even dare to play the game by yourself?” he scorned.

Li Jianyue laughed shamelessly and retorted, “I don’t.”

“Let’s just do it this way,” Li Mosen calmly announced in a firm voice. “Do you have any objections?” he asked and glanced coldly at Li Moyun, who immediately cowered away.

“Since it’s a game, there must be a punishment,” Ou Xiaoxiao declared. “The loser will drink three glass of water,” she proposed.


“No objections!”


“Bring it on, I’m ready. I’ll definitely wipe you out,” said Li Moyun while looking at Li Jianyue.

Li Jianyue grinned and was not the least afraid. Smacking her hands on the table, she accepted the challenge.

It soon turned out that what Li Moyun had said would come back to bite him.

Not only did he fail to kill Li Jianyue, but he was so badly targeted by Li Mosen that he lost all his confidence.

They played for more than ten rounds and no matter how well he acted, Li Mosen could always eliminate him easily.

Towards the end, Li Mosen felt a sense of anguish and could only pitifully beg, “Brother Mosen, I’m done. I really can’t drink anymore. Have mercy on me!”

“No way!” Li Jianyue objected as she quickly sprang to her feet. “You only know how to bully me. You have to drink it!”

Li Moyun sprawled down flat on the table and touched his bloated belly as he wailed, “Sister, my dear sister, you can’t treat your own brother like that. I’ll complain to Mom about this later!”

“Then I’ll tell Dad about it. We’ll see who gets it worse! Hmgh!” she rebutted.

Li Moyun was rendered speechless.

“It makes no sense that a man has no dignity!” Li Moyun thought.

He lifted his head up resentfully and glared at Li Jianyue furiously.

Everyone thought that he had made up his mind to put up a fight and they watched him in anticipation.

However, Li Moyun merely jumped to his feet, smacked the table and yelled, “I’ll drink it!”

Everyone was at a loss for words.

The game ended quickly and the children dispersed swiftly.

If there was one thing that the house at Yu Xiu was not short of, it would be rooms.

There were four bedrooms on the second storey and five on the third. All of them were suite rooms and were incredibly spacious.

Li Jianyue and Li Mosen had always lived on the second storey. Li Jianqian initially resided on the second floor as well. However, now that Yu Chulin was living with them, he got Nanny Rong and another domestic helper to move his belongings to the third floor so that he could keep Yu Chulin company.

After the group dispersed, Li Jianyue noticed that Li Mosen truly seemed to be in a bad mood.

When she realised that he was about to return to his room, she quickly followed after him. Standing beside him, she shouted out, “Brother Mosen, what’s up with you today? You seem rather unhappy.”

Li Mosen took glanced at her and shook his head gently before replying, “I’m fine.”

“You don’t seem fine at all,” Li Jianyue noted, she was doubtful of his answer. A while later, she seemed to recall something, she then clung onto Li Mosen’s arm and said, “I made something recently. Come over, I’ll show you.”

Li Jianyue seemed rather excited and while she does not have any makeup on, her face still looked radiant and gorgeous.

Li Mosen looked down at her hand. He had been suppressing his emotions but with her touch, he felt much better.

He then smiled silently and followed her into her room.