The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2183 - Are You In A Bad Mood Today?

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Chapter 2183: Are You In A Bad Mood Today?

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Ou Ming blinked and placed his teacup down.

He stood up and walked out.

The children were all gathered together. He couldn’t see what they were playing.

After looking around, he didn’t see any of the children wearing blue clothing.

Mosen wasn’t among them.

Ou Ming’s heart dropped. He turned around and closed the door of the lounge. Then, he sat down. He seemed a little annoyed at himself as he said, “I think I created some trouble.”

At first, Li Mosen just wanted to go to the washroom.

However, he heard the conversation between Li Sicheng and Ou Ming and heard them mention Tang Mengying.

Tang Mengying.

This wasn’t an unfamiliar name to him.

You could even say that he remembered this name clearly since he was young, even until today.

This was the name of his biological mother.

This lady hated him to the core before he was even born.

The only memory he had of this woman was when he was six years old. He was standing beside the small pond near the Li Family’s Old Manor.

She had attempted to strangle him, her eyes almost popping out in anger. She had smiled wickedly when she told him that she was his biological mother.

Thus, when he heard this name, Li Mosen was shocked.

He stopped in his tracks and leaned against the wall beside the door to eavesdrop on their conversation, curiosity had gotten the better of him.

When he heard what Li Sicheng said, he felt a little disappointed.

Su Qianci treated him as her son so that was the reason why he treated him as his son. Was that right?

Li Mosen couldn’t explain what he was feeling at this moment.

He was disappointed and lost.

But, he wasn’t sad.

He knew his identity.

Ever since he was young, he knew.

He should feel extremely grateful to the Li Family for taking him in and giving him such a good education.

It was really… he didn’t have the right to ask for more things.

Just as Li Mosen was about to turn, he came face to face with Ou Ming.

He felt guilty so he quickly turned away and rushed to the corridor to hide from them, he had been caught.

His heart was pounding furiously. Li Mosen went to the washroom to calm himself down. When he came out again, the door to the lounge had already closed.

That wasn’t right.

They weren’t talking about a huge matter. Why did he have to hide?

Li Mosen straightened his back and walked away.

Li Moyun had already started explaining the rules to the rest. He had already started shuffling the cards and was doing so fairly loudly.

LI Mosen listened to the rules for a moment and knew that they were playing the game titled, Werewolf.

The moment Li Jianrui saw him, he jumped up immediately and said, “Brother Mosen, sit beside me!”

“No, no. Mosen can’t sit there!”

“That’s right. Brother Mosen will go easy on you!”

“You are trying to cheat, right? Sister Ersu, you’re too cunning!”

Li Jianrui didn’t had no intention of cheating. Instead, she said in a righteous tone, “I have a good relationship with Brother Mosen. You can continue being envious of me!”

Then, she disregarded everyone’s objection and pulled Li Mosen to sit beside her. She said, “You can be the person on my right.”

Li Mosen smiled unconsciously. He sat down next to her.

Li Jianrui looked at his expression and smiled brightly, her eyes crinkled in delight. She leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Are you in a bad mood today?”

There was a faint but sweet scent on Li Jianrui’s body. It didn’t smell like perfume. It was a special kind of fragrance. Along with it, he felt her warm breath at the side of his ear, this caused Li Mosen to tense up a little.

After hearing what Li Jianrui said, Li Mosen paused slightly and looked at her.

Li Jianrui blinked innocently with her big eyes, waiting for his response. There was a smile on her face. She looked so naive and sincere.

She definitely looked stupid sometimes, her intelligence wasn’t very high. However, she was such a sweet and sensitive person.

In this aspect, she was similar to Su Qianci.

Li Mosen looked her in the eyes. He then raised his hand and pressed her head so that she had no choice but to sit back down on her original seat before simply stating, “No.”