The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2179 - Split Up

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Chapter 2179: Split Up

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Su Qianci smacked Li Sicheng upon hearing what he said.

Li Sicheng then beamed as he glanced at the children in the living room.

They were all still staring at both of them.

Li Mosen had placed the fruit knife down while Li Jianqian had put his computer aside.

“Dad, Mom.”

“Hi Uncle. Hi Auntie,” Yu Chulin greeted.

“Godfather, Godmother!” Ou Xiaoxiao called out.

“Second Uncle, Second Auntie,” Li Jianlin greeted.

Li Jianyue was more direct. After tossing her cellphone onto the sofa, she dashed straight towards Su Qianci. “Mommy!” she yelled out merrily and giggled in a clear, melodious voice.

Li Jianyue hugged Su Qianci tightly before hugging Li Sicheng and saying, “You guys are finally back. I missed both of you so badly!”

Li Sicheng looked at his daughter who was almost as tall as Su Qianci and intentionally pulled a long face as he remarked, “You’re a big girl now but you’re still so rash.”

Li Jianyue grinned and replied, “Did you bring us any gifts?”

“Yes,” Su Qianci answered as she gave her daughter a reproachful look. She then turned around to look at the chauffeur who had already brought their belongings in.

“Sir, Madam, where should I put these things?” he asked.

“Just leave it here,” said Su Qianci as she walked over. “All of your presents are in this two luggage.”

The children immediately rushed over. Su Qianci then took out all the gifts and began to distribute them, “This skirt is for Ersu.”

“Oh my god. Mommy, you’re the best!”

“This vinyl record is for Dasu. Didn’t you want to have this limited edition vinyl record? I managed to find it,” said Su Qianci.

“Thanks, Mom,” Li Jianqian replied.

“Moyun, this is the model that you wanted,” she continued on.

Li Moyun almost jumped up in excitement. “Mommy, you’re the best! I love you!” he cheered.

Li Sicheng frowned as he watched the boy prance around. He then whacked him on the head and said, “Look how fat you are now!”

Li Moyun cowered away with a grin.

Su Qianci beamed at the exchange and quickly continued, “Xiaoxiao, this is the princess skirt that you wanted. There’s even a signature on it!”

Ou Xiaoxiao was exhilarated and exclaimed, “Thank you, Godmother!”

“Mosen, this is the limited edition sneakers that you’ve always wanted,” said Su Qianci as she fished out a shoebox. “Your father went to queue just for this. He nearly didn’t manage to get it.”

Li Mosen’s eyes brightened as he quickly dashed over to accept it.

The shoes were nestled beautifully in the box, every detail was intricately made.

Li Mosen grinned and said, “Thanks Dad, thanks Mom!”

Li Sicheng came forward and gestured to him as he suggested, “You’re taller than me now. Try out the shoes on the court later.”

“Sure!” Li Mosen agreed. It was rare for him to be so elated and as he grinned, his clean and sparkly white teeth could be seen.

Li Jianyue moved closer to them and after one glance, she gasped, “Wow, to think that sneakers could look so good! Brother Mosen, let me have a look.”

“Me too, me too!” Ou Xiaoxiao chimed in as she crowded over.

Li Moyun immediately came over to join in the fun. “I want to see it too!” he said.

“How does it look like? Is it the pair that we saw in this year’s Sneakers Awards?” Yu Chulin asked. He too, crowded around, eager to catch a glimpse of the limited edition sneakers.

Li Mosen, pleased by the attention decided to tease them and gleefully announced, “I’m not showing you guys. You’ll spoil it.”

Before taking the shoes out to show them.

“It’s so cool!” Li Moyun gasped, his eyes shining. “Mom, why didn’t you buy me a pair as well? Boohoo, it’s so beautiful.”

“This is a limited-edition sneaker. There are only five pairs per size and there wasn’t any available in your size,” Li Sicheng replied sternly, bursting his bubble mercilessly.

Su Qianci laughed merrily before waving Li Jianlin over and saying, “Jianlin, I got you a limited edition game console since I was not sure what you wanted.”