The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2177 - You Sure Know How to Keep a Conversation Going

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Chapter 2177: You Sure Know How to Keep a Conversation Going

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Li Mosen took the fruit knife over and acknowledged them emotionlessly before saying, “I’ll head off then.”

Just when he was about to exit the kitchen, he suddenly turned around and remarked, “Oh right. I think Chu will be leaving first to find a house.”

“Huh?” Li Jianyue gasped in confusion. “Why does he want to find a house? Didn’t he say that he’ll be living on campus?”

The school that Li Jianqian and Yu Chulin enrolled in had two direct admission vacancies. One of which had already been given to another student. Li Jianqian and Yu Chulin were on par with each other in terms of academic grades and ranking, making it a difficult choice.

Subsequently, Li Jianqian notified their tutor that he would withdraw. Thus, Yu Chulin was naturally offered the vacancy.

Outstanding students like them were highly regarded in the school. This was especially so for students who were offered direct admission, like Yu Chulin.

“The living conditions and management of the dormitories are usually superb. Why would Yu Chulin want to look for a house outside?” Li Jianyue wondered, she could not seem to wrap her mind around this.

When Li Mosen heard her query, his eyes shone, seeming to have realised something. “Chu’s already a big boy. It’s understandable if he wants to rent a place outside with his girlfriend,” he explained.

After that, he turned and left without caring about what the others thought of his explanation.

Li Jianyue mumbled in astonishment, “So Brother Chu already has a girlfriend? Tsk tsk, I really couldn’t tell.”

Liu Sao smelled a rat and stared fixedly at Li Mosen’s silhouette before turning around to resume her chores. It was hard to read her mind.

After Li Jianyue finished washing the dishes and cutlery, she even helped to sweep the floor and perform other chores.

Li Xiao and Qin Shuhua were extremely pleased that she could be so sensible since she was the only granddaughter of the Li Family and the apple of their eye. They couldn’t stop singing praises of her.

As the group of adolescents still had to restrain themselves when they fool around in the old manor, they left the house after Li Jianyue was done with the chores.

They made plans with Ou Xiaoxiao to head over to Yu Xiu’s place at night.

Ou Ming and Yu Lili have been living in Yu Xiu’s house for many years. After class ended, Ou Xiaoxiao dashed over to Uncle Li’s house.

Ou Xiaoxiao was around the same age as Li Moyun but she was only 1.3 metres tall which was the normal average height for girls her age.

She seems much shorter when she stands next to Li Moyun and looked like a child when she walked into the house.

After Ou Xiaoxiao greeted Nanny Rong obediently, she yelled for her friends.

She grinned when she saw Li Jianqian and greeted, “Eldest Brother Li.” She then looked at the others and remarked, “Jianlin, you seem slimmer than before. Moyun, you’ve gained weight again. Wow, Sister Ersu, you became prettier!”

As Li Jianyue adored Ou Xiaoxiao dearly, they soon began to play a game together and were engrossed in it.

Li Moyun approached them out of curiosity and asked, “What are you guys playing?”

“Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen,” Ou Xiaoxiao replied.

Li Moyun was speechless.

He then decided to play with the boys instead so he approached Li Jianlin before asking him, “Jianlin, what game are you playing?”


“…Could you play something more exciting?” Li Moyun requested.

“How about ‘Snake’?” Li Jianlin suggested.

“F***!” Li Moyun exclaimed as he stood up and solemnly lectured, “We’re youths from the new era. We can’t be so outdated. Let’s play ‘LOL’!”

“I don’t know how to,” Li Jianlin replied.

“What do you know then?” asked Li Moyun.

“I know how to play ‘Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’,” said Li Jianlin.

Li Moyun’s heart ached. Supporting himself on the sofa, he looked at Li Jianlin miserably and remarked, “You sure know how to keep a conversation going.”

“Thanks,” Li Jianlin responded without looking up.