The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2170 - Yu Chulin Is Here

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Chapter 2170: Yu Chulin Is Here

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Li Jianyue had no idea that she was being mocked and happily retorted, “What’s wrong with being easily excited? It’s a positive trait!”

After posting the screenshot of her perfect five kills on her social media account, Li Jianyue felt very happy with herself. “Brother Mosen,” she said, “help me play another game. I’ve been trying to get to a certain stage but it’s too difficult!”

“Do you homework first!”

“I’ve already finished it!”

“Even so, you’re not allowed to play anymore! What are you going to say when Grandpa calls later?”

“I’ll just say Brother Mosen influenced me to play,” Li Jianyue said smugly as her brows rose playfully. “My brother will be coming back soon. I’m going to get him to duel with me! He needs to stop looking down on me!”

“…Your brother will never duel with you,” said Li Mosen.

“Why not?”

“It’ll be an insult to his IQ.”

“You’re so annoying!” Li Jianyue pushed him away. “I’ll just play on my own!”

“Fine. Last round.”

“Hehe. Okay.”

Li Mosen stayed beside her and watched her play quietly.

After the final game, Li Jianyue headed off to take a shower. When she returned, her social media post had garnered many likes and comments from her friends.

[Rong Panpan]: Awesome! Take me in and let me be a part of your team!

[Ou Xiaoxiao]: Sister Ersu, when did you suddenly become so good at this game? I don’t believe it. Brother Mosen must have played it for you!

Li Jianyue smugly replied: So he did! But what can you do about it? Challenge me to a duel if you’re not happy!

[Older Brother] liked this. [His Majesty, Daddy Dearest] liked this. [Her Ladyship, Mommy Dearest] liked this. [Brother Chu] liked this.

When she saw Brother Chu’s name, Li Jianyue’s face lit up with a pretty smile. She clicked on Yu Chulin’s profile picture and saw his new status update: The basketball court is always especially quiet in the middle of the night.

The accompanying picture was that of a basketball court with a figure in the midst of a dunk.

Li Jianqian had experienced a growth spurt and his back was long, making the ordinary red jersey look particularly handsome on him.

Li Jianyue liked the picture, and commented: Brother Chu, when will you come to Kingstown? I miss you…

[Brother Chu] replied very quickly: Tomorrow.

When Li Jianyue saw it, she assumed that he was joking and hurriedly replied: If I don’t see you tomorrow, you’re a puppy!

[Brother Chu]: And if you do?

Li Jianyue replied: I’m a piglet.

In the capital…

Li Jianqian was sweating profusely as Yu Chulin sat at the edge of the basketball court drinking water. He looked at his cell phone and suddenly burst out laughing.

Li Jianqian panted heavily as he threw the ball aside and asked, “Teasing my sister again?”

“I wouldn’t dare,” Yu Chulin replied Li Jianqian, but his fingers darted across the screen as he typed a quick reply: It’s settled. You owe me a meal tomorrow.

Li Jianqian opened a bottle of water and chugged the water down. “You told her about it?” he asked.

“I did, but she doesn’t believe me.” Yu Chulin tossed the cell phone on the grass before lying down on the field.

He looked up. The night sky in the capital was always so dark.

There wasn’t a single star in sight.

Suddenly, Yu Chulin asked, “Why did you suddenly want to return to Kingstown to attend graduate school?”

“You don’t want to?” Li Jianqian glanced at him as he tightened the bottle cap and lay down. “I don’t feel like staying in the capital any longer. I’m a little tired of it.”

“What about your grandparents?”

“It’s not as if I’m never coming back. Isn’t it the same regardless of where I attend school?” Li Jianqian looked up at the beautiful night sky. “The day after tomorrow is Great-Grandfather’s memorial day, just in time for me to pay my respects.”

“Yeah,” Yu Chulin’s lips curled up. “Let’s go, then.”

The sky in Kingstown was a lot bluer than in the capital.

They could even breathe deeply without fear of inhaling smog.

When they disembarked from the plane, Yu Chulin sent Li Jianyue a message: I’m here.