The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2169 - I Can’t Believe How Easily Excited You Are

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Chapter 2169: I Can’t Believe How Easily Excited You Are

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With Li Mosen’s hand on her head, Li Jianyue could sense the many envious eyes glaring at her.

Twisting out of his grasp, she said, “Brother Mosen, there was a girl who cornered me in the restroom just now. She seemed to like you very much and kept asking me what kind of girls you liked.”

“How did you reply to her question?”

“Well, I replied quite a bit. Basically, I described the complete opposite of her.”

Li Mosen couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks. “You’re so mischievous!”

Li Jianyue seemed quite satisfied with herself. “In any case, it’s not like you’ll date in high school. What I said won’t mean a thing anyway. You’re not going to embarrass me, are you?”

“I won’t.” Li Mosen sighed. “Mom and Dad are coming back next week. Are you excited?”

“Not at all,” Li Jianyue said disdainfully. “They’re always so affectionate with each other. It’s so infuriating. Mom is already of age, and yet Dad still pampers her like she’s a baby, always afraid that she might shatter at the slightest touch. It’s so annoying.”

“Dad is what you’d call an ideal man. You should find a husband like him in the future. Got it?”

“Dad is good, but it’s not like there’s a second Li Sicheng in this world!”

“Says who?” Li Mosen located his car and glanced at the pile of gifts and love letters in his backseat. “I can be as good as him. Wait and see if you don’t believe me.”

As he spoke, he gathered the pile and threw them into the nearby trash bin.

Li Jianyue looked at him in shock. “How can you do that? There were so many things! Why did you just throw them all away?”

“Did you expect me to keep them?” Li Mosen looked at Li Jianyue exasperatedly. “Yes, there were so many things. Where do you expect me to keep them?”

“In your school bag!”

“My bag is full. Those things can’t fit in it.”

“But it’s such a waste to throw them all away!” Li Jianyue felt her heart ache. “There were even chocolates…”

The smile disappeared from Li Mosen’s face. “Get in the car,” he said.

Li Jianyue jumped in immediately. She then grabbed his shirt as she remarked, “In the future, if there are any snacks, keep them for me. Don’t throw them away.”

“Got it.”

When they reached home, Nanny Rong had already finished preparing dinner.

Upon seeing them enter, she wiped her hand on her face with a smile and said, “Wash your hands and get ready for dinner. Oh, right! Your grandfather called just now. He said to finish your homework and go to bed early after dinner. You’re not allowed to play any more games. He’ll call again later to check on the both of you.”

Li Jianyue stuck her tongue out and shrugged. Her sly look betrayed her intentions immediately.

Li Mosen did not rat her out. Instead, he continued eating his dinner quietly.

As expected, the moment Li Jianyue finished her food, she fished her cell phone out of her pocket and began playing battlefield games.

“You don’t have any homework?”

“I finished it all in school!” Li Jianyue declared confidently. “Oh no! Oh no! Help me, brother! I can’t defeat them!”

Li Mosen sat behind her and cocooned her in his arms as he took the cell phone from her hands to check the battle score. Clicking his tongue in disdain, he remarked sarcastically, “You call this an attack? The score is zero to five! You’re the smartest genius I’ve ever met.”

“…How rude! The score is one to five!” she corrected.

“Is there even a difference?” Li Mosen mocked as his long fingers immediately began rapidly moving across the screen.

“Ahh! They’re so despicable! Five against one? It’s extremely unfair!” Li Jianyue clenched her fists animatedly as she exclaimed, “They’re so mean!”

“What are you worried about? Your health bar is still full.” Li Mosen retorted calmly. He impressively made his way through the five, killing off three in quick succession.

“Awesome!” Li Jianyue raised her fists. “Now run!”

However, Li Mosen had no intention of running at all. He immediately unleashed a combo to take the remaining lives, successfully defeating the tank.

Five kills!

“Oh my god! Oh my god! I need to screenshot this! Hold on!” Li Jianyue tugged at his hand excitedly without realizing how close they were to each other.

Li Mosen looked down at Li Jianyue’s ecstatic little face, and the corners of his lips rose subconsciously. “I can’t believe how easily excited you are,” he commented.