The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2164 - What’s Your Relation to Li Mosen?

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Chapter 2164: What’s Your Relation to Li Mosen?

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The entire way, many people stared at them because they were rather eye-catching.

When they finally reached the canteen, Li Jianyue was eager to finally let her guard down only to realize that everyone around her was glaring ferociously at her.

Li Jianyue tugged on Li Mosen’s sleeves timidly and asked, “Brother Mosen, why is everyone looking at us?”

“Because Mosen is the School Beau!” Zhongie exclaimed behind them. “Many girls like Mosen because of how handsome and academically gifted he is. He has many fans.”

“Fans?” Li Jianyue asked as her eyes widened.

“Yeah,” Lu Yuanyang piped in before continuing in a whisper, “All the idiotic fans only care about appearances. Since Mosen is Eurasian, his facial features are outstanding. You look pretty too and I bet you’re going to have many people admiring you as well.”

An ominous premonition came over Li Jianyue and she muttered, “Why do I feel that life here is only going to get tough going forward?”

“Not at all,” Zhongie replied as he patted his chest. “I’ll be here to protect you! Whoever dares to bully you will have to get past me first!”

Lu Yuanyang looked at Zhong Yikun condescendingly before scoffing, “I’d like to see you able to protect yourself first!”

“Heh, at least I’m not like you, Street Rat.”

“That’s still better than you! Everyone knows you and they think you’re gay and in a relationship with Mosen!”

“Hey, what’s wrong with that? It’s not like the rumors are of me being in a gay relationship with you! Why do you have so much to say about it? Mosen loves me and I love him. If others think we’re gay, so be it. Don’t you agree, Mosen?” Zhongie cast a mischievous wink at Li Mosen. “Remember to take me along for the team raid tonight.”

“No,” Mosen replied without any hesitation. “I’m taking her around after lunch so that she can familiarize herself with the school compound.”


“No problem!”

Li Jianyue had barely processed their weird banter when she heard Mosen ask, “Do you want to take a nap in the afternoon?”


“Let’s go shopping together then,” Mosen declared without giving her a chance to object.

Li Jianyue initially had no objections but immediately after Li Mosen uttered those words, she realised that everyone around them who was in ear-shot looked even more annoyed.

After getting their food, they searched for a seat.

When they finally managed to find a table, even after sitting, Li Jianyue felt as if all eyes were still on her, shooting daggers into her back.

After they were finally done with their food, they took a walk around the campus so she would be more familiar with it. Afterwards, Li Jianyue hurriedly returned to the classroom, away from everyone’s prying eyes.

However, as soon as she returned to the classroom, she still didn’t find solace.

Just as she stepped in, her classmates glanced at her before proceeding to leave in their respective groups.

She walked back to her assigned seat; her school bag was on the table and seated on her chair was a bespectacled girl.

The girl’s appearance was rather typical, but behind her glasses was a pair of especially bright and sharp eyes.

When she saw Li Jianyue heading towards her, she rubbed her eyes and asked, “You’re Li Jianyue?”

Li Jianyue was stunned and quickly nodded her head once she came around. “You know me?” she asked.

“Well, I’m not the only one who knows you. Right now, the whole school knows you,” the bespectacled girl replied as she sized Li Jianyue up. “You look really pretty,” she remarked.

Li Jianyue had goosebumps upon hearing this nonetheless, with a smile, she replied, “Thank you.”

“The teacher has rearranged our seating arrangement. Your seat is in the fourth row, in the third column. You’re sitting beside Quan Jingyi,” the girl in glasses pointed at a seat beside a boy sprawled on a table. The seat beside him was empty.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome but I expect something in return for the information,” the girl leaned over and continued, “I can keep a secret. Tell me, what’s your relationship with Li Mosen?”