The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2137 - In a Vegetative State for Two Years

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Chapter 2137: In a Vegetative State for Two Years

Clearly, they couldn’t.

Shen Manting wouldn’t accept them, and neither could she.

As she stared up at Shen Luo’an who towered above her, Shen Manting wanted very much to get angry. But, no matter how hard she tried, the anger wouldn’t come.

There seemed to be another consciousness within her that prevented her from losing her temper at him.

That bizarre feeling came out of the blue, and Shen Manting felt her heart constrict.

She stood up and her head suddenly began to spin.

Shen Luo’an noticed how she was acting so he stepped closer to her. Without betraying how he felt, his face remained emotionless as he whispered, “I can’t atone for it.”.

Shen Manting looked up at him with indignant fury in her eyes.

Unexpectedly, Shen Luo’an took another step closer such that he now stood right in front of her.

“But I still have to try,” Shen Luo’an gazed at her. “Regardless of whether it can be atoned for or not, I still have to do my best.”.

Shen Manting continued to stare intently at Shen Luo’an who remained directly in front of her. He felt so familiar and so foreign to her at the same time.

Was this really how Shen Luo’an was?


This was not like Shen Luo’an at all!

“Furthermore,” Shen Luo’an opened his mouth again, as his brown eyes stared deeply into Shen Manting’s, “what I gave you was more than mere material goods.”

The look in his eyes forced Shen Manting to take a step back.

Shen Luo’an took another step forward as he slowly said, “I gave you my heart too.”

Shen Manting felt very uneasy and took yet another step.

Out of the blue, Shen Luo’an reached out and grabbed her by her hand.

Shen Manting was startled but before she could react, Shen Luo’an pressed the palm of her hand on his heart. “Right here, my heart is beating for you.”

His temperature was clearly very normal.

However, Shen Manting felt indescribably scorched.

Shen Manting’s immediately yanked her hand back and looking visibly shocked, she demanded, “Shen Luo’an, are you crazy?”

His words were so disgusting, so much so that hearing it made her skin crawl!

How could such words come out of Shen Luo’an’s mouth?

“Yeah, I’m crazy,” Shen Luo’an replied calmly. “I almost turned crazy two years ago when you got into that car accident.”

Two years ago…

Shen Manting was stunned for a moment when she heard those words.

“I regretted it so much and still do,” Shen Luo’an held her hand. “If only I had properly reflected on my actions and not pushed you so hard. If only I had a better temper, perhaps the outcome would have been so different.”

Shen Manting shuddered and said, “You…”

“Two years ago, I kept hoping that you would wake up,” Shen Luo’an interrupted her. “Do you know that you were in a vegetative state for two years?”

Shen Manting’s eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at Shen Luo’an.

She had been in a vegetative state for two years?

She clearly had no idea!

“I was so afraid that you’d never wake up,” Shen Luo’an took another step forward, forcing Shen Manting to back up against the wall. “Little Yue’er is still so young. He needs his mother.”

Shen Manting didn’t know what to say; she faced Shen Luo’an in a daze.

There was a faint scent of tobacco coming from him. It wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, she seemed used to it and wasn’t repulsed by the smell.

His body scent even gave her a sense of security.

Shen Manting looked away, feeling a little thrown off, she wasn’t used to these feelings.

Shen Luo’an was wearing a simple shirt and as he stood upright, he looked thin and gentle.

His eyes revealed disguisable fatigue and deep affection.

“Manting, I really love you,” Shen Luo’an whispered and the huskiness of his baritone voice caused Shen Manting’s heartbeat to quicken.