The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2122 - Could Not Bear to Leave The Child

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Chapter 2122: Could Not Bear to Leave The Child

Shen Manting looked at him intently before she said, “Dear, I think I’m bleeding again. This thing can’t seem to stop the bleeding…” rather weakly.

Shen Luo’an could not help but laugh again. “This thing isn’t meant to stop the bleeding. It merely absorbs the blood when you bleed. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine after a few days,” he said.

Shen Manting seemed like she did not fully understand what he had just said. She then looked at Shen Luo’an and asked softly, “Am I experiencing what a normal woman would experience? Why haven’t I seen such a thing before?”

While she could not remember many things, she was certain that she had never seen such a situation before.

Recently, Shen Luo’an has been behaving rather strangely. “Could it be that he actually planned to make me bleed?” Shen Manting wondered to herself.

“Or perhaps this happened tonight because there was something on his d*** that hurt me,” Shen Manting thought to herself.

Perhaps, he could not bear with it anymore and thus, played along instead, Shen Manting thought.

The more Shen Manting thought about this, the more anxious she felt. She then looked at Shen Luo’an with a sad expression and said, “Dear, you don’t have to be considerate about my feelings. You can just be honest with me. Did you hurt me and lie about it because you’re afraid that I will hate you?”

Shen Luo’an laughed even louder before hugging her close to him and whispered, “No. What I’ve said is true. Don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Shen Manting looked at him and hesitantly said, “I can’t bring myself to believe you…”

“It’s the truth,” said Shen Luo’an. He then led her out of the bathroom and said, “Come here. I’ll explain it to you.”

After they walked out of the bathroom, they could immediately see the dark, crimson bloodstain on their bedsheet.

As Shen Luo’an looked at the dirty mess, rather helplessly, he said, “Come and help me out. Let’s change the bedsheets first.”

Shen Manting was very co-operative and agreed in a low voice, “Ok.”

Shen Luo’an quickly took out some bedsheets and blankets. As he removed the dirty sheets, he said, “Women will experience something called a menstrual cycle. You won’t be able to have babies if you don’t menstruate.”

“Oh, I see,” said Shen Manting as she nodded her head. However, she soon asked, “Then why didn’t I menstruate in the past?”

“Because you were young back then,” said Shen Luo’an as he looked at her. “Usually, women will menstruate for the first time between the age of 13 to 15. That’s the usual case. That’s why you probably wouldn’t have experienced your first menstruation when you were 12.”

“Oh, I see,” replied Shen Manting as she nodded her head. “Did I also menstruate when I was unconscious in the hospital? Isn’t it disgusting if I soil the bed every day?”

“No. Since you didn’t eat at all when you were in the hospital, your body lacked nutrients, making it extremely difficult for it to detox and discharge. That’s why you didn’t menstruate,” said Shen Luo’an. He then placed the soiled sheets into the basket for dirty laundry.

Shen Manting blinked innocently and asked, “Dear, since I experience menstruation now then will I give birth to babies?”

She sounded baffled and seemed very puzzled.

Shen Luo’an paused for a moment when he heard her question.

He then turned around and glanced at Shen Manting.

When Shen Manting met his eyes, she stared back at him and said, “I heard that it’s painful to give birth to babies. Dear, can I not have babies?”

When Shen Luo’an heard this, a thought suddenly formed in his mind and he began to obsess with it the more he thought about it.

In the past, no matter how much she hated me, she could not bear to leave the child, Shen Luo’an thought.

“If she becomes pregnant now, does that mean that she…” Shen Luo’an’s thoughts raced.