The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2113 - You Could Become Pregnant This Year

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Chapter 2113: You Could Become Pregnant This Year

While Ye Qianqian did not feel great, she definitely felt much better since she had slept for such a long time.

After eating two bowls of rice at one go, she began to chat with Ye Youyou animatedly.

Li Jianlin was still young and so, he quickly became tired.

Li Jinnan carried his son in his arms and while the little boy was sleeping, he tried to strike a conversation with Shen Zhilie.

It was only when they realised it was already 11:30 pm did Ye Qianqian admit that they should return home soon.

While Ye Qianqian wished that they could stay longer, she let Ye Youyou bring her child home to sleep comfortably.

Ye Qianqian herself could not stop herself from taking another glance at Li Jinnan carrying the child.

“How blissful their family of three seem,” Ye Qianqian exclaimed. “Youyou’s life is getting better and better.”

“What are you envious of? We can be like them as well,” said Shen Zhilie as he packed up. “Do you still want to eat more? We still have some left,” he asked.

“Yes! Feed me,” she said.

Shen Zhilie was rendered speechless.

Ye Qianqian was only discharged from the hospital a week later.

When they returned to the Capital, everyone was crowding around her, asking, “Are you alright? Why are you so careless? To think that you were hospitalised for so long simply because you tripped.”

“I know right? I was so worried,” said Old Mrs. Shen as she inspected Ye Qianqian from head to toe. “Oh man, your tiny face slimmed down so much. Oh god!” she exclaimed.

“Since you’re back, why don’t you come back home and stay with us for a little while? Nanny will prepare some tonic soup for you to nourish your body and regain strength. You certainly don’t seem too well,” said Shen Longyue.

“You’re right,” said Mrs. Shen as she held onto Ye Qianqian’s hands. “You certainly need to nourish your body well during this period of time. Grandmother took a look at your fortune yesterday and said that you could become pregnant this year!” she said.

Ye Qianqian’s heart ached when she heard what Mrs. Shen said.

Yes, it was certainly true that she could become pregnant this year.

In fact, she had already been pregnant.

However, she lost the child just like that, because of her own oversight.

As this thought crossed Ye Qianqian’s mind, she felt an unexplainable stinging sensation in her eyes, her eyes burning slightly.

When Shen Zhilie heard what Mrs. Shen had said, he quickly stepped forward and said, “Alright, alright. Qianqian just returned and she’s not feeling very well to begin with, so why are all of you still crowding around her and asking so many questions? Come, Dear. Let’s head back to our room to rest.”

Shen Zhilie then dragged Ye Qianqian away.

His family members were all puzzled when they saw this.

Old Mrs. Shen could vaguely sense that something was amiss and said, “My intuition keeps telling me that Zhilie is lying to us. If she had a fall, then why are hands and legs completely fine with no scratches yet she had to be hospitalized for a week?”

Mrs. Shen had been suspicious for a long time but she too could not figure out what had truly happened.

Did Ye Qianqian fall or was she actually ill? Or could there be some other reason?

Nobody could clarify their doubts.

Both Shen Zhilie and Ye Qianqian constantly skirted around the topic.

When Shen Luo’an, Shen Manting and their child returned home, they noticed that all the three elders in the family were seated in the living room and they were astonished.

Shen Luo’an was carrying Xiao Yue’er in his arms and when Xiao Yue’er saw his elders, he struggled to get to the ground.

Once he was placed down, he immediately ran over and hugged Mrs. Shen’s knee before shooting out, “Grandmother!”

Mrs. Shen patted his hairy little head and replied, “What a good boy.”

Then, Xiao Yue’er ran over to hug Shen Longyue’s thighs and greeted, “Grandfather!”

Shen Longyue quickly caught him and carried him up before saying, “Next time, you should great your Great-grandmother first after you enter the house, alright?”

“Alright,” said Shen Yuexiao as he nodded his head. He then looked towards Old. Mrs Shen and grinned as he shouted, “Great-grandmother.”

“Good boy,” said Old Mrs. Shen. Her eyes crinkled as she smiled and she felt slightly better. “Good boy. Where have you been today?” she asked.