The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2087 - It was Lu Yihan

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Chapter 2087: It was Lu Yihan

Shen Zhilie: Luo Zhan?

Luo Ran: Well, he’s developing his software recently. It seems that he’s having a dispute with his partner. From what he has told me so far, I can tell that he’s feeling a bit negative about the whole situation. Anyway, you go to talk to him if you’re free.

Shen Zhilie: …

Since he had nothing to do anyway, Shen Zhilie soon came over to Luo Zhan’s company.

Luo Zhan was famous in Kingstown and even in the entire country.

As the best-known top hacker, Shen Zhilie had asked for his help several times in the past two years.

However, Luo Zhan would always be too busy when Shen Zhilie arrived.

There was an unfinished bowl of instant noodles in front of him. He appeared to be very occupied.

Unlike Luo Ran, who was rather image-conscious and made an effort to appear neat every day, Luo Zhan looked quite unpresentable now.

He had stubble on his chin. His hair was looking messy, and he appeared somewhat gaunt.

His skin was paler than Luo Ran’s. He looked as if he had not slept for several days.

He looked like a classic IT nerd.

Shen Zhilie stared at his face and realized it was nearly identical to Luo Ran’s. He finally coughed and said, “Hello, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Luo Zhan was surprised to hear him. “What are you doing here?”

“Your brother asked me to come to check on you.” Shen Zhilie found a spot to sit down and asked, “Are you free or not?”

“Well, not really,” Luo Zhan replied in a sincere tone. “I’ve been too busy recently. But I’ll be free after I finish this project. What did my brother ask you to do?”

“Just to come to check on you, and also see how you’ve been feeling lately.” Shen Zhilie noticed his red eyes and asked, “Have you been sleeping properly lately?”

“There are too many tasks to finish every day. How can I have enough time to sleep?” Luo Zhan said with a bitter smile. “Fine, you can sit here for a while. I have to write the code down first, or else I’ll forget it later.”


Shen Zhilie sat on the sofa and looked around.

There were several magazines in front of him. Among them was a picture of a very young man on the cover.

He was wearing a polished suit and leather shoes.

He looked very handsome with his bold features and masculine appearance.

The captivating caption under the photo read: “The new star in the IT world, yet another uprising legend after Z: Lu Yihan.”

He flipped open the magazine and saw some examples of this man’s software named “Qian Le”, “Cancer”, and “Biqing.”

They were particularly famous. The first one was Lu Yihan’s pre-famous software, Mobile Music Software.

And “Cancer” was a type of antivirus software that rose to popularity in recent years.

Biqing was a more optimized and portable software, which was highly praised.

Shen Zhilie suddenly realized that there was a “Biqing” optimization scheme on a desk when he passed by it.

In other words, the person who cooperated with Luo Zhan recently was Lu Yihan, wasn’t he?

Luo Ran said that Luo Zhan had a dispute with his partner. Was this the person he was having a dispute with?

“Here.” Luo Zhan came over with a bottle of water in his hand. He handed it to Shen Zhilie and asked, “What brings you to Kingstown?”

“I brought my wife over to have some fun,” Shen Zhilie replied casually. He opened the bottle and took a sip. “Have you been working on the software Biqing recently?” he asked.

Luo Zhan was a bit taken aback. He replied slowly, “Yes, I’m doing this optimization recently.”

“Oh… I heard that you have a good relationship with Lu Yihan. Is it that urgent? Are you that eager to finish it?”

Luo Zhan stared at him and said, “Why did my brother ask you to come here? What did he tell you?”

Shen Zhilie realized that he seemed to be keeping his guard up. He replied, “He said you were not in a good mood… and he wanted me to give you some guidance.”