The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2077 - Marry Me

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Chapter 2077: Marry Me

Shen Luo’an gazed deeply into her eyes. He snatched the computer out of her hands and said, “She didn’t intend for you to watch it alone.”


Shen Manting did not realize what he meant for a while.

“You should go to the bathroom and turn the water tap off.” Shen Luo’an turned the computer back on.

Shen Manting seemed to already know what he meant. Somehow embarrassed, she lowered her head and said, “This is… not good.”

“Go, quickly.” Shen Luo’an rubbed her head and said, “Sit here after turning it off.”


Shen Manting was a good girl.

She went to the bathroom obediently and turned off the water.

“Turn off the lights too.” She heard Shen Luo’an say that when she walked out of the bathroom.

Shen Luo’an was sitting on the bed with the computer in his hands. He was gazing at her with his amber eyes.

It looked focused, mysterious, and almost dangerous.

Shen Manting was feeling a little frightened. She shrank in fear and mumbled uneasily, “Honey…”

“Come on.” Shen Luo’an waved to her and said, “Come over here.”

Shen Manting decided to go with it. She turned off the light, took off her slippers, then sat on the bed.

Shen Luo’an clicked on the mouse a few times, then a different image appeared.

“Have you watched this film before?” Shen Luo’an put his arms around her. “This movie is much better than the one you just watched.”

Shen Manting looked at the computer screen, which had four words on it: “Gone With the Wind.”

Somehow, Shen Manting felt a little disappointed.

Nonetheless, she still decided to watch it.

The movie gave her a familiar feeling as it progressed. She said, “Honey, I think I’ve watched this movie before.”

“Well…” Shen Luo’an responded lightly, “This was your favorite movie. Do you remember what it was about?”

Shen Manting could not remember exactly what had happened in the movie, despite sensing that she had watched it before.

“I don’t, but I must have seen it somewhere before.”

“I haven’t watched it yet. Why don’t you watch it together with me?” Shen Luo’an held her tightly in his arms and whispered, “Let me see what your favorite movie looks like.”


Shen Manting continued to watch the movie. When she saw the hostess promise to marry a little boy for Ashley’s sake, she asked unhappily, “Is she seriously marrying this man? It’s such a ridiculous decision for her to make. It’s not worth it at all!”

Shen Luo’an hugged her and gently kissed her cheek, “Yes, it’s not worth it.”

However, Shen Manting had done things like this before, hadn’t she?

The only difference was that Scarlett did it for security, while Shen Manting did it to escape.

Shen Manting continued to watch the scenes carefully. Later, when she saw Scarlett starving and freezing, she felt a lot of sympathy for her character.

She was also furious when Scarlett stole her sister’s boyfriend for money.

However, what impressed Shen Manting the most was when the male host Rhett asked Scarlett to marry him and said, “You were married to an old man and a child. Why don’t you try a real man like me?

Hearing his words, Shen Manting felt a little excited. “It’s such a romantic scene. How can Rhett be so handsome?”

Shen Luo’an smiled. He took her hands from under the blanket and whispered, “Marry me.”

His voice was low, soft, and affectionate.

Shen Manting thought that he was analyzing the plot of the film. She kissed him on his cheek playfully and said, “The next step is for them to get married. Scarlett married Rhett and gave birth to a child named Bonnie White.”

Only after speaking did she suddenly come to her senses. She asked, “Wait a minute, how did I even know that?”

“That’s because you’ve watched it before,” Shen Luo’an explained patiently. “There are things you subconsciously remember.”