The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2039 - I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry

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Chapter 2039: I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry

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“What’s the matter?”

Mrs. Shen had an awful feeling about the situation.

In all her years of raising Shen Luo’an, she had never seen him behave like this before!

“Tell me, what’s wrong?” Mrs. Shen commanded in a stern voice. “Otherwise, I’ll track you down through your phone location to find you!”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry. Rest early.” Shen Luo’an hung up the phone.

The more Mrs. Shen ruminated, the stronger her gut feeling that something was terribly wrong.

At the same time, the infant was wailing at the top of his lungs. Mrs. Shen’s mind was in turmoil.

She quickly cradled him and coaxed him tenderly.

The feeling of being kept in the dark was unbearable for her.

Shen Manting was severely injured.

She suffered three fractures in her left arm, while a large piece of flesh had been scraped off her right leg.

Her cheeks were stained with blood. Her face was a shocking sight, covered in wounds both deep and light.

She sustained the most serious injury to her head.

Her head had taken the brunt of the impact of the collision. She was bleeding internally from several parts of her brain and her life was in grave danger.

Shen Luo’an nearly lost his balance upon receiving the diagnosis.

His hands trembled as he read the letter of consent for an operation. After signing on the document, he slumped weakly onto a chair outside the emergency ward.

He grabbed his hair with his bloodied hands and cried in despair.

“I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry!” A middle-aged man stood beside him, sobbing in regret. “I’m sorry, Luo’an… I had been drinking. I didn’t think anyone would be crossing the road at that time…”

Shen Luo’an had already lost all his strength, but at the moment he heard his confession, he stood up abruptly.

He glared at him with bloodshot eyes and punched him heavily in the face.

Zhou Xinghui felt a piercing pain. He staggered backward and pleaded, “Luo’an…”

Shen Luo’an lunged at him with a grunt and kicked him forcefully.

Zhou Xinghui sank to the ground. Before he could react, Shen Luo’an pegged him down and rained blows on him.

“Why were you drinking?”

“Why did you drive after drinking?”

“Why didn’t you pay attention on the road?”

Zhou Xinghui neither fought back nor resisted him.

His face was soon covered in blood.

A crowd had already formed in the corridor outside the emergency ward. A passing nurse saw the scene and exclaimed, “That’s enough! Hurry up and stop them!”

“Why? What did I owe you, Zhou Xinghui? What did I do to deserve such a tragic fate on my wife?”

Shen Luo’an threw punches at Zhou Xinghui mercilessly in a violent frenzy, as if he had lost all his senses.

By the time they were pulled apart, Zhou Xinghui had already passed out.

Blood and tears were streaming down his face, which bore an expression of guilt.

Shen Longyue was suddenly informed by the hospital that Shen Manting was involved in an accident. He rushed to the hospital.

However, he didn’t expect to arrive at the hospital to news of Shen Luo’an causing grievous injury to another, landing him in a coma.

He rushed to the emergency ward and saw Shen Luo’an sitting outside the door from afar.

He sat there with a blank expression, as if he had lost his soul.

The casual outfit he was wearing was stained with blood. He wore slippers on his feet.

Shen Longyue’s heart sank. “Luo’an?”

Shen Luo’an turned his head slightly to face him. His gaze was lifeless and ghastly.

Upon seeing his father, Shen Luo’an shuddered and called out, “Father.”

“How is Manting?”

Shen Luo’an suddenly became emotional upon hearing the question, feeling as though his deepest pain had been triggered. His eyes reddened and his face was shrouded in guilt and remorse.

Shen Luo’an had always been a calm person. He had never seen him in such a state ever since he came of age!

He turned around and saw a nurse walking towards them. He asked the nurse, “What’s the condition of the patient inside?”