The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2027 - I can’t Leave Without my Wife Coming to Pick me up

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Chapter 2027: I can’t Leave Without my Wife Coming to Pick me up

The infant started whining.

He puckered his lips and stared at Shen Manting pitifully with tears welling up in his eyes.

Old Mrs. Shen noticed the infant’s agitation and teased, “Look at this little guy. Now he’s acting all helpless with his mother around. He used to cry all the time.”

Shen Manting somehow felt a surge of gratification in her heart when she heard that.

The infant seemed to understand what old Mrs. Shen was saying. His puckered lips were now forming an “O.”

Old Mrs. Shen looked at him and smiled. She sounded emotional when she said, “It’s great to have you back. The baby will surely be delighted to have his mother back by his side.”

“Grandma,” Shen Manting looked at her with a twinge of guilt in her heart, “about what had happened in the past…”

Old Mrs. Shen felt confused for a moment, before realizing that she was most likely referring to the incident a year ago when she went to pick her up but returned empty-handed.

With a gentle smile, she replied, “What are you apologizing for? I understand. However, don’t ever leave us anymore. Our family won’t be complete without you.”

Shen Manting was startled. She thought she had heard her wrong and stared at her.

Old Mrs. Shen moved forward and laid her arm on her shoulder. She reassured, “Regardless of your status, you’ll always be a part of our family. This will never change. I’ll always be your Grandma. Do you hear me?”

She was deeply moved by her words.

She never knew that Grandma had a sentimental side to her.

Shen Manting’s eyes reddened. She nodded.

Old Mrs. Shen was most pleased and laughed delightfully when she saw her reaction. She declared, “I’ve brought back plenty of souvenirs. Let me show you.”

Old Mrs. Shen and Mrs. Dongfang seemed to have returned from their travels with a bountiful load.

Old Mrs. Shen took out item after item from her bag and bragged on and on about them to Shen Manting.

Shen Manting listened to her in a daze and kept nodding in agreement.

Nanny He was relieved to see their interaction.

Shen Longyue and Mrs. Shen returned from work together. The family sat down to a pleasant and harmonious dinner.

Shen Zhilie and Ye Qianqian had left for Yun Town yesterday. They would probably only return to the capital after some time.

After dinner, old Mrs. Shen chatted with Shen Longyue, Mrs. Shen, and Shen Manting at length. Their conversation lasted until after nine o’clock in the evening.

Shen Manting played with the infant for a while after coming out from her bath. Before long, she heard her phone ring.

It was Shen Luo’an calling.

Shen Manting glanced at the time – it was already past 10 p.m. Why was he calling her at this time instead of coming home?

She answered the call and heard a lot of noise at the other end of the line.

But she didn’t hear Shen Luo’an’s voice.

Shen Manting frowned and called out, “Shen Luo’an?”

After a second or two, she received a response. “Man… Manting.”

It was Shen Luo’an, mumbling in his drunken state.

Shen Manting had a bad feeling. “Are you drunk?”

“No, I’m not,” Shen Luo’an muttered. “I’ve had a few drinks too many. Come and fetch me home. I’m unfit to drive.”

Shen Manting glanced at the infant in her arms and replied, “I have to look after the baby at home. Why don’t you ask someone else to fetch you?”

“I… I can’t go home if you… you don’t pick me up.” Shen Luo’an was so drunk that he couldn’t even talk in a coherent sentence.

“Why? You can hail a taxi. Just leave your car there and drive it back tomorrow.” Shen Manting glanced at the time impatiently. “Are you far from home?”

“I’m far away…” Shen Luo’an mumbled in a low voice. He sounded as though he was thoroughly intoxicated. “If you don’t come, they’ll keep on forcing me to drink. Some of them… have been… fetched home by their wives. I can’t drink anymore. I can’t leave without my wife coming to pick me up…”