The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2013 - Hurry up, I’m in a Rush

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Chapter 2013: Hurry up, I’m in a Rush

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“All right.”

Shen Manting uttered in a low, subdued voice.

Shen Luo’an turned to look at her, mildly surprised.

“I promise you.” Shen Manting looked at the infant. Her voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible and sounded distant.

As soon as Shen Manting made her promise, she resigned from her job.

After apologizing profusely to her supervisor and superiors for her departure, she arrived at the Shen family residence that same day.

Shen Manting didn’t bring along much luggage. Apart from her backpack, all she possessed was a small box containing personal toiletries and various belongings she couldn’t bear to part with.

Shen Manting was still hesitant when she arrived at the house.

She deliberated for a while and finally decided to ring the doorbell.

Nanny He soon came to open the door and saw Shen Manting carrying her luggage. She was taken aback and muttered in a surprised tone, “Miss…?”

Shen Manting smiled awkwardly.

Nanny He immediately came back to her senses and offered, “Come in. Come, pass this to me.”

She reached out to take Shen Manting’s luggage.

Shen Manting hastily responded, “Don’t bother, it’s all right. I’ll carry it myself. Mother He, which room did the previous nanny stay in? I’ll move in there.”

“What?” Nanny He was baffled. “But she stayed in the nanny’s room.”

“Yes, I’ll stay in the nanny’s room,” Shen Manting affirmed, her cheeks burning slightly. “From now on, I’ll be the family’s nanny.”

Nanny He was bewildered and laughed incredulously.

However, she looked Shen Manting in the eye and soon realized that she didn’t seem to be joking at all.

For a moment, both women stood still, facing each other in silence.

There was an indescribable awkwardness on their faces.

Just then, the door of the room opened and the infant’s voice was heard coming from inside.

Shen Luo’an came out of the room with the infant in his arms. He glanced at Shen Manting and instructed, “Nanny He, take her to the room where Aunt Zhang used to stay and tidy it up. She’ll be staying in our house to take care of the baby.”

His words left Nanny He in disbelief. She retorted, “Master, do you know what you’re talking about? She’s Miss Manting!”

“Go now.” Shen Luo’an shot her a stern look and shifted his gaze to Shen Manting. “I’m going out later to check on some matters at the lab. You’ll look after the baby.”

Shen Manting felt a surge of anger and snapped, “Do you have any conscience? You still have the mood to go to work when the child is so dangerously feverish!”

Shen Luo’an sneered at her. “Since you’ve chosen to come here to fill in the role of a nanny, you have to act like one. Do you think you’re in any position to talk to me like that? Have you forgotten why I dismissed Aunt Zhang?”

Shen Manting was startled. She asserted through gritted teeth, “I’m the child’s mother!”

“I wouldn’t have the heart to leave for work if the child’s mother weren’t around.” Shen Luo’an glanced at her and turned around.

Shen Manting was shocked into silence.

“Hurry up, I’m in a rush.” Shen Luo’an urged her.

Shen Manting dragged her luggage into the room.

She felt a little overwhelmed as soon as she entered.

“This is the nanny’s room?”

The room was small and dingy.

A washing machine was installed at the side, leading to the balcony.

The rectangular room was structured like a corridor, only that both sides of the room were partitioned off, leaving a small, confined space in the middle.

A 1.2-meter, single-sized bed fitted into one end of the room, with a shelf at the edge of the bed.

The bathroom occupied the other end.

The bathroom was particularly small. There was a toilet and a shower cubicle inside, but no sink counter.


Is the room liveable?

Shen Manting had stayed in this house for several years. Why hadn’t she ever noticed the existence of the small room?