The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2011 - : I Thought You already Knew

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Chapter 2011: I Thought You already Knew

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Shen Luo’an shot a look at her. “There isn’t ‘anything’ for sale out there.”

“You know my taste preferences. Just buy whatever you see fit.”

“How about noodles?” asked Shen Luo’an casually.

“I feel like eating rice.”

“Didn’t you say ‘anything’?”

Shen Manting glared at him. “Fine! Anything goes, then!”

Shen Luo’an felt his tense mood suddenly lighten up.

He went out and came back with two bags.

He returned to see two more people in the room.

Shen Zhilie and Ye Qianqian were there. Ye Qianqian was sitting on the edge of the bed, while Shen Zhilie was making a fuss over the infant’s diapers.

Upon seeing Shen Luo’an enter the room, Shen Zhilie teased, “I see you bought a lot of food. Were you expecting us to come?”

Ye Qianqian noticed his presence. She nudged Shen Zhilie and said, “We should take our leave since Big Brother has returned. The baby’s fever has also subsided. We have to inform Mother of the good news.”

“What’s the hurry?” Shen Zhilie pulled out a diaper and continued, “Now that Big Brother has finally come back, let’s sit around and have a chat.”

“What’s there to chat about?” Ye Qianqian glared at him with widened eyes. “Don’t you know I’m almost starved to death? Let’s go and have a meal first!”

There was a hint of warning in her eyes.

Shen Zhilie was at a loss for a retort. “Fine. My wife has the final say. Let’s go for a meal.”

The couple finally left.

As soon as Ye Qianqian left the room, she slapped Shen Zhilie lightly on the arm and chided, “You’re such a fool. Now that Big Brother has finally reconciled with his wife, can’t you leave them alone and let them have their meal together in peace? This might be an opportunity for them to rekindle their love for each other.”

Shen Zhilie burst out laughing. “What are you talking about? What do you mean, ‘love’? Do you think real love ever existed between them?”

“What do you know?” Ye Qianqian held his hand in hers and explained, “If a woman doesn’t love a man, she’ll never bear a child for him. Didn’t you see how concerned she was about the child? This proves that the child holds a special place in her heart she’s concerned about the child, which is why she cares about him so much. Moreover, if she really despises Big Brother, she wouldn’t have bothered coming back to the capital.”

“Well…” Shen Zhilie squinted his eyes. “I guess my wife is right.”

“Don’t you believe me?” Ye Qianqian questioned him with a glare.

“I do.”

“Then why are you smiling?”

“I’m smiling because I never expected you to be this smart.”

Ye Qianqian shoved him with her elbow angrily. “Take that for mocking me!”

Shen Zhilie blocked her blow while laughing and hastily apologized to her.

In the ward, Shen Luo’an laid out the lunch packs he brought back and asked candidly, “What did they say to you?”

“Nothing much. They asked about the baby.”

Shen Luo’an opened all the lunch packs and set them down on the small table perched atop the bed. “Help yourself to the food.”

“Haven’t the baby fallen sick before?”

“No.” Shen Luo’an didn’t look up. “I used to take care of him myself. I seldom placed him in the care of others, but I’ve been busy working in the lab lately.”

Was he so weak?

Shen Manting felt that this was too much of a coincidence. She looked at the infant in her arms and held him close to her face to feel his body temperature. She was still slightly unsettled by the ordeal.

“Shen Luo’an, are you that busy with lab work?”

“Yes, I am.” Shen Luo’an replied without looking up. “I’ve taken leave from work for too long this year. I’m usually busy at this time of the year. I thought you already knew this.”

She knew. How could she not know?

After staring at the baby for a long time, she said, “How about letting me take care of the baby?”