The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2005 - Do You Really Think You’re the Mistress of the House?

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Chapter 2005: Do You Really Think You’re the Mistress of the House?

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“Thank you,” said Shen Manting.

Mother He smiled. Then, she glanced at them, set the cups of tea down, and left.

Aunt Zhang came out bringing the milk she had prepared and said, “The milk is ready, Master.”

“Pass it to her.”

Shen Luo’an casually pointed at Shen Manting.

Shen Manting looked up and reached for the bottle.

After testing the temperature, she frowned and said, “The milk is too hot.”

Aunt Zhang was upset to hear that.

Yet, she insisted, “I thought the baby wouldn’t be hungry so soon and the milk would probably be left to cool for a while, so I made the milk slightly warmer.”

Shen Manting didn’t speak and simply put the bottle on the coffee table in front of her.

Aunt Zhang glanced at her. Seeing that she didn’t say a word, Aunt Zhang turned around and left.

A moment later, the infant puckered his lips and made cooing noises with outstretched arms, looking as if he was about to cry.

Shen Manting looked at the baby and knew he must be hungry.

She touched the bottle. It was still too warm.

She tested the temperature of the milk and frowned. “Cool down the milk. It’s scalding hot. How is the baby supposed to drink it?”

Aunt Zhang walked over and offered, “Let me add some cold water to it.”

“What?” Shen Manting thought her ears were fooling her. “What did you just say?”

Aunt Zhang was confused. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with her idea. She repeated, “I’ll add cold water…”

“What kind of nanny are you? Are you even qualified to take care of children? How could you add cold water to the baby’s milk?” Shen Manting exclaimed as though she had heard an incredulous joke. “Hold him. I’ll do it myself.”

Aunt Zhang was flustered for being publicly humiliated and retorted, “What’s wrong with adding cold water to the milk? It’s still drinkable anyway!”

“The child is still so young. What if he falls sick after drinking milk that has been mixed with cold water? Are you going to take responsibility for your negligence?” Shen Manting handed the baby to Shen Luo’an with an angered expression. “You don’t mind treating him carelessly because he’s not your child, do you?”

Aunt Zhang was unwilling to back down and retaliated, “Who are you to be so rude? Do you think you’re the mistress of the house?”

The infant appeared to be frightened and broke into a wail.

Shen Manting never expected to be talked back to in that manner. When she saw Mother He come in a hurry when upon hearing the commotion, she asked, “Who is she, Mother He?”

Mother He was working on the chores. She hastily wiped her hands on her apron and replied with an awkward smile, “She’s the new caretaker. She came less than half a month ago…”

“You may leave now. You don’t have to come back here anymore.” Shen Luo’an stood up with the infant in his arms, a grave expression on his face. “You have no common sense at all. How could I trust you to take care of the child?”

Aunt Zhang became furious and snapped, “Fine! I quit! I raised my three children the same way and they grew up all right! Rich people are so demanding! Have it your way then!”

“Mother He!” Shen Luo’an shouted.

Mother He nodded and quickly led Aunt Zhang out. “Please leave. How could you add tap water in the baby’s milk?”

“Who said I wanted to add tap water? I meant water that has been boiled and cooled!” Aunt Zhang finally realized the misunderstanding. She turned around and cried, “Master, I was suggesting boiled water that has been cooled! Milk that has been mixed with cold boiled water is drinkable!”

Shen Manting had already walked into the kitchen with the bottle. Shen Luo’an glanced at her and ordered, “You don’t have to come anymore.”

“Move along!” Mother He gave her a shove. “How could a nanny have such a quick temper? Judging from the way you spoke, you don’t deserve to stay.”

Aunt Zhang felt a great sense of injustice. “Did I say anything wrong?”

“The mistress of the house, huh?” Mother He whispered, “Who are you to say who should be the mistress of the house?”

Aunt Zhang was speechless.

Indeed, she had crossed the line with her rash words.

She sighed.