The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2004 - The real mother

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Chapter 2004: The real mother

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Shen Manting smiled awkwardly and uttered, “Mrs. He…”

That familiar voice…

Mrs. He stared at Shen Manting incredulously for a long time and stuttered, “Come in, Miss.”


That title sounded grating to her ears!

Shen Manting didn’t know what to feel at the moment. She bit her lip and followed Shen Luo’an inside.

Aunt Zhang was cradling the infant and coaxing him gently. She was surprised to see Mrs. He walk in with an unknown woman trailing behind Shen Luo’an. She asked casually, “Who is this?”

“The child’s mother,” Shen Luo’an answered in a low voice. His tone was rather dismissive.

Aunt Zhang’s eyelid twitched. She couldn’t help taking a second glance at Shen Manting.

Wasn’t the child’s mother dead?

How could she be dead when she, a living, breathing woman, was standing right before their very eyes?

But she did not dare to wonder aloud. All she did was nod politely in greeting.

Shen Luo’an walked over to her and picked up the infant.

The infant had evidently been crying. His round, dark eyes were moist with tears and a long eyelash was stuck to his eye.

Shen Luo’an noticed it and tried to remove it.

Shen Manting couldn’t help commenting, “He’s grown so much.”

“Indeed,” Shen Luo’an replied and glanced at her coolly. “If you were to be so heartless as to delay visiting him, he would have grown much more by the time you decide to come and see him.”

He said it plainly and candidly, but his words made Shen Manting’s cheeks burn.

Mrs. He and the servant were looking at her, yet he didn’t even spare her the slightest bit of dignity.

Shen Manting reached out for the infant in silence. Her cheeks were tinged with a faint crimson hue. She gazed down at the infant’s small, tender face.

He looked adorable.

He was at least two or three times heavier than he was two months ago.

He didn’t look like a three-month-old infant at all. If someone told her that he was four or five months old, she would have believed it.

Shen Manting smiled as she caressed the infant’s delicate face fondly.

“Take a seat. Aren’t you tired of standing?” Shen Luo’an sat down on the sofa and commanded, “Prepare a bottle of milk, Aunt Zhang.”

“Coming right up!” Aunt Zhang obeyed and walked away hastily, pulling Mrs. He along with her.

“What’s happening?” asked Aunt Zhang.

Mrs. He glanced around and whispered, “Just do your work. We’re in no position to poke our noses into our master’s private affairs. Anyway, that woman is the infant’s mother.”

“His biological mother?”

“Who else?”

“But why did Master claim she’s dead? She’s alive and well. She looks beautiful.”

Mrs. He turned to cast a quick glance at the living room and said, “Well, it’s a long and complicated story. Go and prepare the milk and I’ll make some tea.”

She refused to reveal any more details. Aunt Zhang was annoyed by Mrs. He’s tight-lipped secrecy and murmured, “The couple must have ended up in a quarrel. Who could stand Master’s bad temper?”

“Mind your own business!”

Mrs. He couldn’t stand her. She made some tea and headed out.

Shen Luo’an and Shen Manting were sitting on the sofa across from each other.

Shen Manting was holding her baby in her arms, smiling contentedly.

The infant seemed to recognize her well. He broke into a grin, his pink, tender gums showing. He was almost drooling.

When Mrs. He saw this scene, she couldn’t help thinking to herself: She’s indeed the infant’s real mother. No matter how hard they tried to pacify him, he had never grinned this joyfully!

She served the tea and said, “Master, Miss, have some tea.”