The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1980 - I Know What to Do

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Chapter 1980: I Know What to Do

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“Hard to believe, isn’t it?” Shen Manting mocked. “We have the same surname, Shen. Haven’t you ever questioned it?”

Of course Aunt Lin did!

But what would sharing the same surname prove?

Countless other couples share the same surnames!

Shen Manting’s constant fear of Shen Luo’an made her curious.

She initially thought there was some kind of tension between them.

But she had never expected this at all!

They were brother and sister?

Biological siblings?

“Are you kidding, Manting?” Aunt Lin could hardly believe her ears. “But you don’t look alike at all. If you’re siblings, why did you decide to deliver the child? Weren’t you afraid that…”

Wasn’t she afraid that the child would have been born with deformities?

But the child didn’t appear to be deformed.

However, it has been known that children born to biological brother-and-sister pairs are highly likely to be mentally handicapped, have cerebral palsy, or inherit other forms of congenital disorders.

It would be too heavy a price to pay. If these children had known their fates, they would rather not have been born at all!

Shen Manting smiled upon hearing Aunt Lin’s words.

Her tears fell at the same time.

“We’re not related by blood.”

Aunt Lin heaved a sigh of relief at her confession.

“That’s good. That’s good.”

“You haven’t answered me yet,” Manting pressed on. “Whom do you think the child would be better off with?”

Aunt Lin replied with a frown, “You don’t want to stay with him?”

“Who would want to marry her own brother?”

“How could a mother bear to give up her child?” Aunt Lin sighed. Naturally, she could empathize with Manting, for she was a mother herself.

The bond between mother and child is unbreakable.

But now, standing from an outsider’s perspective, she sighed and said, “To be fair, if both of you insist on going your separate ways, it’s better for the baby to follow his father.”

The answer was as expected.

Shen Manting felt as though her heart had been stabbed with a knife, but she refused to give up. She asked weakly, “Why?”

“First of all, your husband’s financial standing is better than yours. As a woman, your ability to earn money is inferior to a man’s. What’s more, your health is currently in poor condition.”

“I’m not ill.”

“Your body is weak and anemic. These health issues, albeit minor, should be given proper attention. Otherwise, they will develop into major problems if you’re not careful.” Aunt Lin stared at her intensely. “The baby needs decent material support, which Mr. Shen is able to provide. Are you capable of providing for the baby?”

She couldn’t.

She wouldn’t have the capacity to work for their livelihood if she had to care for the infant by herself.

Without a source of income, she might not even be able to support herself.

“As a matter of fact, Manting, Mr. Shen is a decent character.”

“I know,” Manting interrupted her. “I know.”

She murmured in a low voice tinged with desolation.

“What do you know?” Aunt Lin looked at her. “You’re still weak. Stay here for a few more days to rest and recuperate. Don’t quarrel with your husband again.”

“All right.” Shen Manting lowered her head and cast a sideways glance at the infant lying beside her. “I know what to do. You can go home now.”

Aunt Lin felt something was amiss and asked cautiously, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. Go ahead and move along. Leave the soup here. I’ll drink it when I get hungry later.”

Aunt Lin was relieved to hear that.

Manting’s mention of drinking soup assured her that she wouldn’t do anything foolish.

Aunt Lin looked at the time and said, “Well, I’ll take my leave then. Have a chat with Mr. Shen when he comes to visit.”


Aunt Lin left. Shen Manting and the baby were left alone together in the ward.