The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1974 - He Was too Hasty

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Chapter 1974: He Was too Hasty

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He stared down at Shen Manting before him and decided to loosen his grip.

Sure enough, Shen Manting had stopped moving.

However, she seemed to have lost her strength and crumpled into a heap on the ground.

Aunt Lin was startled. She cried, “Manting!”

Shen Luo’an acted swiftly and scooped her up in his arms.

But the combined weight of her body and her huge backpack made him stumble.

“Shen Manting?” Shen Luo’an hesitatingly called her name repeatedly, feeling uneasy. Then, he clutched her and shouted, “Call an ambulance!”

Shen Manting fainted abruptly without any warning.

When Shen Luo’an carried her, he noticed her eyes were swollen from crying.

Aunt Lin had taken care of Shen Manting for a month back then. They were not particularly close to each other, but they still cared for each other.

She was greatly disturbed to see the couple behaving this way. She stomped her feet and reprimanded Shen Luo’an. “This woman gave birth to your child. No matter how big the issue is, you shouldn’t be fighting with her. Manting is not in a good state at all. It’s not easy for her to recover during this period. Just as she has been slowly regaining her strength, you ruined everything.”

Aunt Lin was around the same age as Mrs. Shen. Shen Luo’an did not utter a word after being scolded by her.

He held Shen Manting in his arms and touched her face.

“Married couples do quarrel and fight. But at least spare the child when you do! The baby is still so fragile; he’d be scared out of his wits. If he were to be scared sick, you parents would be to blame!”

Shen Luo’an felt even more frustrated, but he bit his lip and said nothing.

Aunt Lin finally managed to lull the baby to sleep. She heaved a sigh.

The ambulance soon arrived. Shen Luo’an laid her on the stretcher and carried the infant.

“When she wakes up, she’ll want to see the baby. I’ll take him with me.” Shen Luo’an glanced at Aunt Lin and boarded the ambulance.

The doctor placed Shen Manting on a drip after asking for the cause of her distress.

After Shen Luo’an gave a detailed explanation of what had happened, the doctor simply said, “The patient’s mood is unstable. She may be suffering from postpartum depression, but has been hiding it from you. This is highly likely to be the cause.”

“I see.” Shen Luo’an had already seen it coming, having studied medicine himself.

Shen Manting was suffering from postpartum depression. He was not surprised at all.

She isolated herself too much. She would feel provoked easily, lashing out at anything that triggered her. Even trivial matters would touch a raw nerve.

But Shen Manting’s condition had improved lately.

Yet, as aunt Lin said, his violent outburst threw all her efforts out of the window.

Sitting by the hospital bed, Shen Luo’an buried his face in his hands and heaved a leaden sigh.

He was too hasty.

He lacked confidence that he could take care of her and the child without relying on Aunt Lin. So he couldn’t wait to take her back to the capital.

Firstly, he had to let his parents see his son.

Secondly, he wanted to give her and the child the dignity and recognition they rightfully deserved.

The infant needed to register his identity, and so did she.

But now, it was all destroyed.

“Wah… wah… ”

The baby was making noises.

Shen Luo’an turned around and noticed the baby was about to cry. He opened his tiny mouth as if gasping for air.

He picked up the baby and noticed Shen Manting’s body twitching.

Shen Manting’s eyes flew open with a jolt.

Panic showed clearly on her face.

Her horror intensified upon seeing him.

She shrank back. Suddenly, she seemed to have recalled something. She reached out and shouted, “Give me my baby back!”