The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1969 - Out of Postpartum Confinement

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Chapter 1969: Out of Postpartum Confinement

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He didn’t notice that she had stiffened when he said “our son.”

He held the baby and walked over to her, then crouched down.

But he soon said regretfully, “He’s not smiling anymore.”

Aunt Lin chuckled and said, “How would such a tiny baby know how to smile on command? He’ll probably flash you a smile later.”

Shen Manting shot him a look and felt a little uneasy.

The strange feeling in her heart had intensified.

But Shen Luo’an didn’t notice this. He was holding the baby, disappointment written all over his face.

But he seemed to sense Shen Manting’s eyes on him, because he looked up at her.

Shen Manting met his eyes and quickly glanced away. “Did you eat yet?” she asked.

“You eat first. I’ll hold the baby.” Shen Luo’an sat down with the baby in his arms and said, “Have you noticed that the baby’s become more beautiful lately? Just look at his face. It’s a lot more chubby and squishy.”

“Of course. When the mother gets enough to eat and drink, the baby also gets enough nutrition and becomes more beautiful,” Aunt Lin said proudly.

Shen Luo’an laughed and said, “If that’s the reason, I’ll give you a bonus later.”

Aunt Lin’s face beamed as she burst into cheerful laughter. “Well thank you, sir.”

Everything seemed to be going well on the surface.

But just when Shen Manting was beginning to calm down, she felt her anxiety spiral out of control again.

February 28. Sunny.

I’m out of postpartum confinement. I can’t wait to take a bath, wash my hair, put on new clothes, and feel like a new person.


I’m going to take a walk down the street and take Little Moon out under the sun!

Here I come, world!

Shen Luo’an bought a small stroller specially for the baby, but Shen Manting was worried about leaving the baby alone in the stroller, so it wasn’t likely it would ever be used.

When she took the baby out of the house for the first time, she didn’t dare go far.

The sunlight wasn’t too bright outside, as it was still early spring.

The baby opened his eyes and frowned at the sun.

His two light eyebrows furrowed, reminding her of Shen Luo’an’s usual unhappy appearance.

Shen Manting was holding the little guy, a smile on her face.

Shen Luo’an blocked the baby’s face with his hand and said, “Don’t let him get sunburned.”

“I’m already blocking the sun.” Shen Manting’s was slightly bent over as she blocked most of the sunshine from the baby. She had a bright smile on her face.

“Little Moon’s skin is tender. It won’t be pretty if he gets a sunburn.”

Shen Manting looked at him angrily and said, “Why would he get a sunburn? You should get an umbrella if you’re worried.”

“You wait here. I’m going to buy an umbrella,” Shen Luo’an said, and ran off.

He soon returned with an umbrella in hand.

The spring weather had been a little humid lately in Jiangnan, and it hadn’t been too sunny.

Shen Manting was speechless at Shen Luo’an’s concern for the baby.

Under the strange glances from passersby, they finally started walking.

Shen’s Manting’s mood was a lot better.

For an entire month, she’d been stuck in a small room for all hours of the day, and had been bored to death.

But because the baby couldn’t be outside for too long, she returned home with him after a little while.

Aunt Lin had already made lunch. Seeing them return home, she sang, “Ah, you’re back. Time for some lunch now!”

“Okay,” Shen Manting answered as she put the baby back into the crib. “Here we are.”