The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1957 - Bought the Size in Between

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Chapter 1957: Bought the Size in Between

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“I already completed your discharge papers. This bed isn’t yours anymore.” Shen Luo’an watched her. “Which things are yours? I’ll pack them up for you.”

Shen Manting’s expression instantly changed, and she roared furiously, “Who gave you the right to do that?”

“I’m the father of the child. I have the right to nurse you back to health.” Shen Luo’an would hear none of it, and pulled her up. “How could you nurse your body back to health here? Come home with me. Look around. What woman here is thinner than you are? You’re thin beyond recognition. How could you take care of the baby?”

Shen Manting couldn’t tell if it was just in her head, but Shen Luo’an sounded as if he were slightly aching for her.

She looked at Shen Luo’an and noticed that his complexion looked pale, and he was much leaner compared to what he looked like before.

He had also experienced many things during this period of time.

Shen Manting pursed her lips and remained silent when she met the gazes of the gossipy people around them.

Shen Luo’an scanned the room once, and when he saw that there wasn’t anything of notice, he said, “Let’s buy the things you don’t have. You should change out of what you’re wearing. I brought you a set of clothes.”

As he spoke, he lifted two bags off the floor.

When Shen Manting saw them, she realized there was also a bouquet of flowers on the floor, as well as a fruit basket.

The flowers were very beautiful and vibrant, and the fruits also looked pretty and fresh.

Shen Manting took the bag and saw that it contained a down jacket.

It was in her favorite off-white color. There was another bag with a relatively thin dress in it.

When she held the dress up, she realized there was also a fresh set of undergarments beneath it in the bag.

“I’ll wait for you here.” Shen Luo’an sat down and stretched out his hands to hold the baby.

But Shen Manting didn’t hand the child to him.

She carried the two bags into the maternity washroom, and after she placed the child down, she began changing her clothes with peace of mind.

She didn’t dare to hand the child over to him.

If Shen Luo’an directly made off with him, then she would really be left with nothing.

After Shen Manting changed, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror.

Her face was sallow and excessively lean, to the point that her cheeks were slightly sunken in.

Her hair was messy and unkempt because she didn’t take that good of care of it.

She reached out her hand and undid her ponytail, which was already loose, and meticulously tied her hair up again. After she wiped her face, she picked up the baby and walked out of the washroom.

The child remained fast asleep throughout and slept soundly and peacefully, as though it couldn’t feel any sense of hunger at all.

When Shen Manting walked out of the bathroom, the other young mothers in the ward thought she had taken on a different, fresh look all together.

“She looks so pretty,” one mother said.

“As expected, the clothes make the man.”

“Sigh. Why does she need to be pretentious when she has such a good man? I thought you were a random girl who came to give birth in secret!”

“Precisely. You should return home with your man. That set of clothes must be expensive. It looks so good.”

There were envious voices and secret looks of jealousy.

Shen Manting accepted them but didn’t respond.

Shen Luo’an squatted down and took out a shoe box before saying, “Wear these shoes. You’re a size 37, right? I don’t think I remembered wrong.”

“You are wrong.” Shen Manting lowered her head. “I’m a size 38.”

But she still reached out her feet and slipped them into the shoes.

She stuffed them inside, but the shoes still didn’t fit.

Shen Manting looked up and glanced at Shen Luo’an, and a very uncomfortable thought instantly surfaced in her mind.

“Ye Youyou’s a size 36, and I’m a size 38. He probably couldn’t remember who had which size, so he bought the size in-between.”

As this thought crossed her mind, a hint of mockery flashed across her eyes.

But she continued to tightly hug the baby without letting go. “I want to eat something.”

“All right. Let’s head home first.”

Shen Manting stopped in her tracks and watched him with a rather guarded expression. “Where are we heading back to?”