The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1944 - The Nickname Xiaoxiao

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Chapter 1944: The Nickname Xiaoxiao

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Ou Ming quickly froze in place.

He looked down and saw the child, his own blood, lying in his arms.

A warm smile appeared on his face as he examined the little baby. Then, he carefully followed the hospital bed.

Yu Lili had fallen asleep on the bed, and her face looked very pale.

Ou Ming’s phone started ringing, startling him.

He quickly turned the phone’s sound down, placed it to his ear, and gently answered, “Hello, Mom.”

“Where are you? I heard that the baby’s already born. I brought some soup for Lili.”

Ou Ming gave Qiao Ziqing the room number. Then, he carefully sat down with the baby in his arms.

Since he was a child, he never liked children very much. Apart from Li Sicheng’s two children, he was hardly close to any.

Ou Ming hadn’t even seen such a small child, let alone held one in his arms like this.

He couldn’t help but laugh and smile. Ou Ming wanted to tease the child, but the little kid was asleep. She was very quiet.

“Just like a fool.” A soft voice traveled across the room, and Ou Ming immediately looked up. Yu Lili glanced at him and said, “It’s a girl.”

“Perfect! I love girls,” he uttered happily.

The baby seemed to understand what he said, because she suddenly opened her eyes.

Her bright eyes looked somewhat swollen. Her delicate and small lips were slightly curved upward, and she had rosy pink cheeks.

Ou Ming was fascinated by the sight of her!

“Our daughter is so beautiful.” Ou Ming held the baby and said, “Come, call me Daddy.”

Yu Lili smiled and said, “If she actually does call you that, she’ll scare you to death.”

“Hahahaha!” He smiled happily and then looked at his daughter. “Why aren’t you crying?”

Yu Lili: “…”

“Are you hungry? Mom went to get something for you to eat a while ago. Do you feel any kind of pain?” Ou Ming reached out and touched her forehead. “Why are you so cold? I’ll pour you some hot water.”

“Give me the child.” Yu Lili stretched out her arms.

Ou Ming looked at the child, and then glanced at the water dispenser not far away from them. He reluctantly handed the baby over to his wife.

Placing the child beside the pillow, Ou Ming went up to Yu Lili and said, “Sit up first. Come on.”

Yu Lili felt a small amount of pain as she carefully sat up with Ou Ming’s help. He put some pillows behind her, and she held the child in her arms. The fragile little baby with its huge, bright eyes clearly reminded Yu Lili that she had just created a living being.

It was a wonderful feeling.

For a moment, Yu Lili felt as if she had suddenly matured a lot.

The corners of her lips unconsciously turned upward, and she said, “What will our daughter’s name be?”

“Xiaoxiao.” Ou Ming was pouring water, and when he heard her question, he looked back and laughed like a fool. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. In fact, I was waiting for you to wake up to tell you. Her nickname will be Xiaoxiao. We’ll think of her official name later.”

“Well, Xiaoxiao it is.”

Just as she said it out loud, little Xiaoxiao suddenly struggled to move about again, then burst into tears.


“What’s the matter? Why are you crying?” Ou Ming came over with a glass of water. “Don’t you like the name? If you don’t, then Daddy will change it to a different one. ”

“How could a child know that? She must be hungry,” Qiao Ziqing said. “You need to feed your little girl now.”