The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1940 - Honey, I Have a Stomachache!

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Chapter 1940: Honey, I Have a Stomachache!

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“Haha!” Yu Lili turned to look triumphantly at Ou Ming.

Seeing Yu Lili’s smirk, Ou Ming clenched his teeth and mumbled, “If you give birth to a son, I’m going to beat you!”

“Well, if you dare to hit my son, I’ll beat you!”

Yu Lili put her hands on her hips and looked at Ou Ming with an arrogant expression on her face.

She spoke like a dictator and violently stomped back home.

After the New Year, the weather was particularly good.

It was sunny for days.

The skies were blue and clear, so naturally they felt in lighter spirits.

Recently, Ou Ming had been strictly monitoring Yu Lili’s diet, and even forbade her from eating more than one piece of meat per day.

Naturally, she looked forward to Qiao Ziqing’s daily visit to break her food restrictions.

When Qiao Ziqing arrived, she smiled and let Mother Zhang cook a table full of wonderful dishes for her.

Yu Lili had a very strong appetite.

Although most of the dishes were Mother Zhang’s work, but without Qiao Ziqing, Yu Lili wouldn’t have been able to eat as much as she did.

After they finished eating, Ou Ming wanted to take her out for a walk, but Yu Lili felt sick in the stomach for a while.

At first, she thought she just had to go to the toilet, but after sitting in the bathroom for a while, she felt more and more that something was wrong.

Her stomachache was getting more and more painful. She couldn’t bear it anymore

Grasping onto the door, she stumbled out and shouted, “Help!”

The people downstairs were busy with their work. Ou Ming was talking to Qiao Ziqing.

Hearing Yu Lili’s cry, he immediately panicked.

He quickly hurried up to her and saw Yu Lili was close to tears. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I have a stomachache…”

Yu Lili looked pitifully at Ou Ming and covered her stomach with her hands.

Ou Ming was scared. He went over to hold her up and said, “Is the baby… going to come?”

“But it’s not even close to the due date yet…”

Mother Zhang heard their movement from downstairs, and she ran up and said, “Lie down first. Don’t worry.”

“Why does she need to lie down? What if she’s going to have the baby?”

“No, it’s seven or eight days before the due date. The closer it’s due, the more the fetus will lean down. It’s normal to have a stomachache. Lie down for a while, and we can go to the hospital later if it’s still painful.”

“Really?” Ou Ming felt a little unsure.

Mother Zhang glared at him angrily and said, “I’m experienced. I’m always right.”


It’s always right to believe the older generation for these types of things.

He helped Yu Lili to lie down. Sure enough, Yu Lili soon fell asleep.

Ou Ming let out a sigh of relief, but he was also speechless.

When Mother Zhang saw Ou Ming’s meek appearance, she said, “Well, what I said was right.”

“Yes, she fell asleep.” Ou Ming laughed bitterly and took out a cigarette. “Thank you.”

Mother Zhang looked at him and said, “You’re welcome here, but you’d better not keep smoking. It’s not healthy for the pregnant woman or the baby.”

“Well, I won’t smoke, then.”

Ou Ming placed the cigarette in his mouth without lighting it and sat down on the sofa.

After smoking for so many years, it was impossible for him to give it up so easily, but for the sake of his wife and child, Ou Ming had stopped for a while.

“Mrs. Ou has gone back home, Young Master. When Mrs. Ou comes next time, you shouldn’t let her buy so much food. Don’t waste it, but it’s not good to let her eat so much.”

Of course, Ou Ming knew this. However, just as he was about to respond, he heard someone yell, “Honey, I have a terrible stomachache!”