The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1938 - Heartless Woman

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Chapter 1938: Heartless Woman

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He put the child on the tiny bed and let Mother Rong go over to look after him. Li Sicheng could now wipe the sweat off his forehead.

Su Qianci’s face still looked quite awful, and Li Sicheng felt a twinge in his heart.

He sat beside her on the bed and whispered, “Honey, you’ve worn yourself out!”

Su Qianci chuckled and said, “You’ve worked hard too.”

Li Sicheng blushed inexplicably. He coughed softly and said, “Are you tired? You should rest.”

Su Qianci smiled and answered him softly.

When Mother Rong heard her reply, she said, “You shouldn’t sleep right now. Eat something first and save your strength, or you’ll be exhausted later.”

She then went to pick up the soup that she had just brought into the room. “Let her have some soup first, mister. You can help feed your wife some.”

“I don’t want to drink soup.” Su Qianci looked at Mother Rong. “I’m too sleepy.”

“No, no, you have to drink it.” Mother Rong was rarely so adamant and strict. “Do not go to sleep until you finish drinking some soup.”

Seeing how insistent Mother Rong was, Su Qianci sat up.

After drinking some soup, she couldn’t stand it anymore, and collapsed back onto the bed and fell straight asleep.

Seeing that she was asleep, Li Sicheng stood up and walked over to the child.

He stared at the adorable sleeping figure of little Moyun, and his mood turned wonderfully happy and content.

This was his son, who he loved the second he was born!

“Honey, I want to eat something hot and sour.”

“Ou Ming! You stole my ice cream again. You’re a b*stard! ”

“Where’s my waistband, jerk?”

Ou Ming had been very busy recently.

It’s a common saying that pregnant women are difficult to deal with, and now he completely understood why.

Their moods are uncertain and ready to change at any minute, and their tempers are volatile.

Ou Ming couldn’t handle it!

Another nanny was sent from the Ou house. Ou Ming went to the company in the daytime and quickly came back home to accompany his wife in the evening.

Ou Ming was fine when Yu Lili was in a good mood, but when she was in a bad mood, Ou Ming didn’t have a pleasant time.

“Ah, honey, where’s my sugar?”

Yu Lili lost things all the time, and every single time, she would look at Ou Ming in despair.

Ou Ming was used to it. He looked at Yu Lili and said, “You can’t eat sugar now, sweetie. You need to exercise more.”

Before Yu Lili was pregnant, she was only around 50 kilograms during her fattest period.

That weight was quite reasonable for someone around her height, which was 1.6 meters tall.

But after the pregnancy, not only was her stomach big, but her whole body had doubled in size.

Now, Yu Lili was at least 55 kilograms.

Her whole face had turned round like a pear, and with her stomach also sticking out, it was hard to imagine that she used to be thin.

“When we went to the labor examination, the doctor said that you need to exercise more. Your blood sugar level was a little high, so you’re not allowed to eat sugar.”

Yu Lili looked at Ou Ming and said, “You… you think I’m fat, don’t you?”

When Yu Lili was thin, he thought she was too thin. Now that she was fat, he thought she was a little too fat. Couldn’t they ever just be happy with the way things were?

“You know, but you still ask,” he answered. He took his wife in his arms and said, “I fed you too much. Let’s go outside together. Don’t eat anything.”

“But I want to eat sugar. Just a little.”

“No way.” He acted like it wasn’t up for discussion. “You can’t be indulged at a time like this,” he said. Mom will come here later, and then you can eat again. For now, let’s just go outside for a walk.”

Yu Lili’s eyes lit up, and she glanced at him with a giddy smile on her face. “When will Mom come?” she asked.

Ou Ming was a little jealous. “Now Mom’s the good guy, while I’m the bad guy. You, on the other hand, are a heartless, despicable woman,” Ou Ming mumbled.