The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1935 - Mania

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Chapter 1935: Mania

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Qin Shuhua helped Li Jianyue take a few photographs of Little Moyun before returning her cell phone to her.

Li Jianyue happily sent the pictures over through WeChat, along with a voice message that said, “Older Brother, I don’t think Little Moyun looks like us at all. We look much better.”

But Li Jianqian did not reply.

In the capital…

Li Jianqian stared at the ceiling above his head somewhat absentmindedly.

Even when his cell phone beside him chimed, he ignored it. Fatigue slowly set in.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door.

Li Jianqian immediately sat up, alert.

“Please come in.” After his young voice rang out, the sound of the door opening could be heard.

Rong Xuan walked in and looked at Li Jianqian before closing the door.

“Hello, Grandma.”

“Dasu.” Rong Xuan walked over and sat on Li Jianqian’s bed.

Li Jianqian pursed his lips tightly together. “I’m sorry, Grandma.”

Rong Xuan gazed at the child and sighed. “Your mother just gave birth to your little brother,” she said, “so I didn’t tell your father about what happened at school. However, you really shouldn’t have beaten your schoolmate up like that.”

“I was wrong.” Li Jianqian lowered his head, looking extremely contrite.

“You’re not like Chu. Chu’s parents are overseas and don’t care about him or ask about him at all. I know you’re good friends with him, but I still think you should keep your distance from him,” Rong Xuan said to Li Jianqian solemnly, looking at him as she spoke.

When Li Jianqian heard that, he raised his head and glanced at her, startled.

“Grandma, the only reason we got physical today was because Wang Shengbin provoked us.” Li Jianqian’s expression betrayed his unwillingness to accept the rebuke. “He insulted Chu and called him an unwanted child and said that I was a little monster raised by an old witch… Even after we hit him, he spat at us. That was why I lost my temper, and I…”

“And you hit him till all his teeth fell out. His face and nose are battered, and he probably has a concussion.” Rong Xuan was angry. “Li Jianqian, what have I been telling you? A gentleman moves his mouth but not his fists! Not only did you use your fists, but you beat him up so badly that he had to be hospitalized!”

Disappointment was evident in her voice as she looked at Li Jianqian and said, “You didn’t use to be like that, Dasu. It must be that child, Yu Chulin, who led you astray.”

“He didn’t, Grandma.”

“Yu Chulin is a child who used to suffer from violent tendencies. He may look quiet and well behaved, but in reality, he suffers from a severe mental defect. His father suffers from mania. It’s best that you don’t play with him anymore.”

Li Jianqian couldn’t believe that his grandmother was saying such things.

“Grandma…” he protested.

“All right, say no more. Go with me to the hospital tomorrow to apologize.” Rong Xuan stood up, looking at him. “If an idiot insults you, you’re supposed to ignore him. Treat him as a mute or as a crazy person. If another kid lacks proper upbringing, that’s his family’s fault. But if you hit him, that’s your fault, because you were raised better than that.”

Li Jianqian begrudged the lecture. He pursed his mouth, not saying a word.

Rong Xuan bent down and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Dasu,” she said, “you’re still Grandma’s beloved grandson. Go to bed early. Good night.”

“Grandma.” Li Jianqian looked up at her. “You once told me not to do to others what I don’t want done to me. I believe that there’s a flaw in what you just said. Chu’s father may suffer from mania, but Chu is a very calm person. I trust Chu.”