The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1932 - Su Qianci Is Giving Birth Again

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Chapter 1932: Su Qianci Is Giving Birth Again

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Nanny Rong thought about how that would sound coming from Ersu. She frowned and said, “What your mommy has is more than just a stomachache. Call your father immediately!”

Li Jianyue had never heard Nanny Rong speak so sternly before. She jumped up, shocked, and quickly replied, “All right! I’ll call him now!”

Su Qianci didn’t look good. She was bent over, and her belly was round and swollen.

She was very pale, and she was still holding the spatula.

Nanny Rong removed the spatula from her hand and set it down before helping her to the couch.

Su Qianci’s belly throbbed painfully, and she held it in an effort to stave off the intense discomfort.

One look at Su Qianci and Nanny Rong knew that she was about to give birth. She turned to Ersu and saw that the girl was in the middle of calling Li Sicheng.

Li Sicheng quickly answered the call. Ersu switched on the speakerphone and said in her crisp and clear voice, “Hello, Daddy? Nanny Rong told me to call you. She says Mommy is having a tummy ache.”

Li Sicheng was in the middle of preparing for a meeting. When he heard what she said, he sat up straight and asked, “Your mommy is having a stomachache?”


“Ask Nanny Rong if she’s about to give birth.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Nanny Rong couldn’t bear listening any longer. She yelled over the speaker, “Sir, come back quickly! Madam seems to be in a lot of pain. Come back quickly and take her to the hospital!”

Cheng You went into Li Sicheng’s office with the documents for the meeting and knocked on the door.

Li Sicheng had just hung up the phone. He grabbed his jacket and said, “Postpone the meeting. We’re not having it now.”

Cheng You was shocked. “Why?” she asked.

“My wife is about to give birth!”

Li Sicheng flew out the door and quickly disappeared.

Cheng You was pleasantly surprised. Her face lit up as she exclaimed, “Susu is about to give birth again?”

She picked up her phone and made a call to Rong Rui. He was, after all, Su Qianci’s cousin, and it was only right that he should know.

She headed into the meeting room to notify everyone of the situation. After expressing their congratulations, they all dispersed.

When Li Sicheng reached home, he sprinted inside and saw Su Qianci lying on the couch. “Wifey, I’m back!” he called out.

Su Qianci looked at him pitifully. “Mr. Li, ouch… it hurts…” she pouted.

Li Sicheng quickly walked up to her and moved Nanny Rong out of the way before scooping his wife up in his arms.

“Nanny Rong, get Ersu, and let’s go!”

“What? But what about Mosen…” Nanny Rong hesitated.

Ersu, however, was very excited. “Is Mommy about to give birth to my little brother?” she exclaimed.

“It’s a little sister!” Li Sicheng corrected, then carried Su Qianci out the front door.

Li Sicheng opened the car door but began to have second thoughts. He turned around and said, “Ersu, I think you should stay at home with Nanny Rong and Teeny Su. I’ll bring your mommy to the hospital.”

Li Jianyue looked disappointed. She pouted and said, “All right. Take good care of Mommy, Daddy.”

“Of course.” Li Sicheng stroked his daughter’s head and said, “Daddy’s leaving now.”

Su Qianci’s face was white, and Li Sicheng’s heart ached just looking at it.

He started the car and drove straight toward the delivery ward of the hospital.

By the time they reached the hospital, Su Qianci’s complexion had improved tremendously.

Li Sicheng got out of the car to carry her and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Su Qianci shook her head. “Not as much anymore.”

“If I had known earlier, I would have had you stay in the hospital.” Li Sicheng looked vexed. He quickly rushed inside the hospital with his wife in his arms.