The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1921 - Being Especially Good at Sucking Up

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Chapter 1921: Being Especially Good at Sucking Up

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When the time came for the relatives to leave, Shen Zhilie got up to send them off. After seeing everyone out the door, Ye Zhenhua boiled more water and got to work brewing another pot of tea. He saw Shen Zhilie come in and waved him over.

“Yes, Uncle?” he asked.

Shen Zhilie sat down and started packing up the cups and plates that the guests had just used.

“Shen,” Ye Zhenhua began as he brewed the tea, “to be honest, I always believed that you would marry my daughter. To me, it was always just a matter of time.”

This was how Shen Zhilie felt, too, and when he heard Ye Zhenhua say this, he looked at him somberly and said, “Uncle, I think you are very wise. I will definitely act responsibly toward Qianqian.”

Ever since he got together with Ye Qianqian, he had gotten not only her first time, but her whole lifetime. Being responsible for her was like being responsible for himself.

Ye Zhenhua laughed and said, “I love talking to you. You’re especially good at sucking up.”

Shen Zhilie smiled in embarrassment.

“There are times when Qianqian can be a little willful and immature,” Ye Zhenhua continued. “As a man, you’ll have to be forgiving.” He took a sip of tea. “Qianqian grew up without a mother. In the future, when you have your own children, I’m worried that she might not be able to be a good mother. She’ll have to rely on you to teach her.”

Shen Zhilie blinked. In other words… he had to be a mother? Ahem…

“But I can rest assured with Ye Qianqian married to you. You’re a responsible and mature fella. But there is one thing that I need to warn you about.” Ye Zhenhua’s face became serious. “Should a day come when you fall for another woman, you must let one of us know. It can be Qianqian or me. Should a day come when you no longer feel anything for Qianqian, and no longer want to be with her, you must say so right away. I won’t make you stay with Qianqian, and Qianqian won’t cling on to you.”

Shen Zhilie’s heart skipped a beat. He knew that well! Ye Qianqian was on good terms with him now, but if there ever came a day where she had to make up her mind about something, there would be no turning back with her.

It wasn’t as if Shen Zhilie had never experienced that side of her. He definitely wasn’t willing to go through that sort of heartbreak and despair a second time.

“Have I made myself clear?”

Shen Zhilie nodded his head gravely. “Yes. I will definitely treat Qianqian well. Don’t worry.”

“Hmph.” The expression on Ye Zhenhua’s face finally lightened a little, and he said, “I hope you will remember what you promised me today. If I ever find out that you did anything to let Qianqian down, I will fly to the capital and blow your head off.”

Shen Zhilie was tickled by his words.

Ye Zhenhua looked Shen Zhilie in the eye and admonished, “I’m not joking. I mean it when I say I’ll blow your head off.”

Shen Zhilie immediately sobered up and replied, “Understood!”

Shen Zhilie was by nature obedient and well-behaved. He spent a little more time chatting with Ye Zhenhua.

When he returned to Ye Qianqian’s room, he found Ye Qianqian fast asleep. She had removed her padded jacket but was sleeping without a quilt over her.

Shen Zhilie was alarmed. He quickly rushed up to pull the quilt out from under her and gently cover her with it.

Ye Qianqian moaned and stretched her back. When she looked at Shen Zhilie, she yawned and asked, “Has everyone left?”

“Yeah, they’re gone.”

Shen Zhilie sat down beside Ye Qianqian. “I was chatting with you father just now,” he said.

“Huh?” Ye Qianqian sat up and realized that she was awkwardly dressed. She removed her sweater and burrowed herself under the quilt. “What did you talk about?” she asked.