The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1909 - Do You Like Su Qianci?

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Chapter 1909: Do You Like Su Qianci?

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Li Jinnan was obviously aggrieved. He simply felt indignant for Su Qianci. But when Ye Youyou heard what he said, she felt uncomfortable.

“What did Li Jinnan mean when he said that?” she thought.

Although Ye Youyou didn’t know what happened back then, she had heard quite a few things about it.

After Li Sicheng “died,” a good friend of Su Qianci’s intensely pursued her. What was worse was the fact that Old Mr. Li was quite supportive of him. Thankfully, Su Qianci was of firm character. If she wasn’t, she would have been snatched away.

When this thought crossed Ye Youyou’s mind, she felt even more uncomfortable. “Li Jinnan had felt uneasy when Su Qianci was a widow,” she thought. “Could it be that he had feelings for her? Besides… this is my second marriage. Was Li Jinnan implying something when he said what he did?”

Ye Youyou glanced subconsciously at Li Jinnan, who quickly turned his head to look at her.

Li Jinnan didn’t know what she was thinking about, but he felt that her look was rather strange.

“Isn’t that right, honey?” he asked.

Ye Youyou smiled and nodded her head.

Su Qianci quickly waved her hand and said, “All right, all right. Sicheng’s just thinking about our future. If it hadn’t been for those four years, we would probably still be living in fear. The Tang family wouldn’t have let us off.” Su Qianci was very clear about this.

“Why are we talking about this? It’s all water under the bridge.” Old Mr. Li paused for a moment, holding onto his walking stick, a rather displeased look on his face.

Li Sicheng merely stayed silent and gave Li Jinnan a meaningful look.


The entire Li family was elated because Liu Sao had prepared quite a few delightful dishes to celebrate the occasion.

Completely overjoyed by the birth of his first son, Li Beixing was unable to leave the new baby to join the family for the meal, so Li Sicheng made Su Qianci stay in the old manor while he went alone to bring the children over to the old manor for the dinner celebration.

The entire family got along harmoniously. However, it wasn’t as peaceful on Ye Youyou and Li Jinnan’s drive home after the meal.

Li Jinnan drove the car while Ye Youyou sat in the passenger seat. Ye Youyou reclined the seat further back and leaned against the backrest before saying, “Dear?”

“Yup?” he asked.

Ye Youyou became more direct. “Did you like Second Sister-in-law in the past?”

These words had been bottled up in her heart for a long time. Ye Youyou felt that she would go crazy if she didn’t let them out, especially after she heard Li Jinna stand up for Su Qianci.

When Li Jinnan heard her say this, he turned his head to look at her before saying, “Why would you ask such a thing?”

“Do you still remember the time when my sister’s friend, Lili, took us out?” she asked.

Li Jinnand didn’t remember what she was referring to. It had been so long ago. He glanced at Ye Youyou and said, “What are you getting at?”

“It was then that I began to suspect that you had feelings for your second sister-in-law. Since then, I’ve always felt that you had a crush on her.”

Ye Youyou had always been straightforward. When she said this, she turned her head to look at Li Jinnan. Sadness and bewilderment flashed across her fair features.

Li Jinnan never expected Ye Youyou to ask such a question, and he merely felt amused. “Why would you think that?” he replied. “Second Sister-in-law belongs to my second brother. Why would I like her?”

He once had some feelings for Su Qianci, but he deliberately crushed them out before they could grow. The only thing he felt for her after that was respect. Li Jinnan didn’t even dare to like her as a friend, let alone have feelings for her.

When Ye Youyou heard this, she still wasn’t convinced. “Really?” she asked.