The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1908 - Would Have Remarried a Long Time Ago

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Chapter 1908: Would Have Remarried a Long Time Ago

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After Li Beixing heard what the doctor said, his anxiety was finally put to rest.

When Qin Shuhua saw how her son was behaving, she exclaimed, “Now Beixing is also a father. Time really flies.”

When Li Xiao heard the commotion, he went over to them with a smile on his face. “No, it doesn’t,” he said. “Beixing is already over thirty years old, and he’s becoming a father for the first time. His younger brothers all became fathers way before him.”

Indifferent to their jokes, Li Beixing stood at the entrance, waiting for the people in the room to open the door.

Finally, the doctor came out of the room. The baby was well-swaddled. Its eyes were shut tight, and its lips were pursed. His tiny body was tinged red.

When Qin Shuhua saw the little chubby baby, she was overjoyed. Taking the child and cradling it in her arms, she said happily, “She finally gave birth. Oh my, let Grandma cuddle you.”

When Li Beixing saw his son, he laughed contentedly before quickly slipping into the room. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh when they saw how Li Beixing was behaving.

Qiu Manyu, who was in the room, was completely drained. Although it was winter, her body was coated in sweat.

A thin blanket covered her, and the nurse was helping to clean her up. When the nurse saw Li Beixing enter the room, she exclaimed in shock, “Why did you come in?!”

However, Li Beixing didn’t bother with her. Instead, he walked over to his wife. Her attractive face was pale at the moment, and Li Beixing’s heart ached for her. He said, “It’s been hard on you.”

Qiu Manyu opened her eyes when she heard Li Beixing speak. “Treat me better in the future,” she snorted weakly.

“Definitely!” he agreed.

Su Qianci and Ye Youyou were also pregnant. News had spread across the neighborhood that the three brothers’ wives had become pregnant one after the other.

Qin Shuhua carried the chubby baby boy over to the sofa and sat down before saying, “He’s really good looking. Just like Beixing.”

It was Ye Youyou’s first time seeing a newborn. When she moved closer to take a look, she was suddenly at a loss for words. “This… is good looking?” she thought.

When Su Qianci saw the expression on Ye Youyou’s face, she immediately understood what Ye Youyou was thinking and softly chuckled. “All babies are wrinkled when they’re born. It’ll look better after it grows up a bit.”

Li Jinnan took one glance at the child and said, “It’s like a little old man.” Li Jinnan was direct with his comments. “Is brother comforting Sister-in-law inside the room?”

“Humph. Of course,” Qin Shuhua teased, not even bothering to look up from the baby. “She needs to be comforted. She just delivered a child. Sicheng wasn’t by Qianqian’s side when she gave birth to Dasu and Ersu. She was hospitalized for half a month, and there wasn’t a single man by her side.” Qin Shuhua glared at Li Sicheng. “This time,” she told him, “you’ll have to make it up to Qianqian. Otherwise, even your own mother won’t let you off easily.”

Li Sicheng already felt guilty to begin with, but when he heard what Qin Shuhua said, he felt even more strongly that he owed a lot to Su Qianci.

Taking Su Qianci’s hands in his, Li Sicheng brought them to his mouth and, without saying anything, planted a soft kiss on them.

Su Qianci had a gentle look in her eyes as she replied softly, “It’s okay. Just you being back is enough.”

“I am back, and when you give birth to Moyun, I’ll definitely make up to you what I owed to Dasu and Ersu.”

Li Jinnan took a sideways glance at Li Sicheng. “How is it possible for you to make it up to her?” he said. “It was difficult for her to take care of the twins all by herself.”

Ye Youyou gave him a tug and said, “Second Brother didn’t have a choice back then, so why do you have to comment on it?”

“Back then, he disappeared without a word,” Li Jinnan said. “Any woman but Second Sister-in-law would probably have remarried a long time ago.