The 99th Divorce - Chapter 1903 - I Want a Kid

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Chapter 1903: I Want a Kid

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Although things were heating up, Ye Qianqian didn’t feel particularly aroused. Oddly enough, she felt cold when Shen Zhilie kissed her. She couldn’t get away from him no matter how hard she tried. Even though he was drunk, he seemed much stronger than usual.

Shen Zhilie’s hands naturally wandered toward her sensitive place. He rubbed it gently, and Ye Qianqian’s breathing gradually became heavy. Once she got used to the wine taste in his mouth, it wasn’t so bad. But… she was afraid that he would suddenly vomit on her.

She resisted and pushed him away, but it seemed like Shen Zhilie’s hands had eyes. Even when his eyes were closed, he would find her hands and firmly grasp them.

He hooked his arms around her legs and opened them before putting himself between them. Ye Qianqian was sensitive and trembling, unable to resist him. She reached out, unbuttoned his belt, then roughly tore his shirt open. It was impossible not to want him after four months apart.

But, possibly because it had been such a long time since they were last together, Ye Qianqian wasn’t particularly eager to do this with him, but she kept feeling her body grow hotter and hotter from his touch.

Shen Zhilie suddenly opened his eyes and pulled her clothes off with his hands, and his movements gradually became more gentle.

Ye Qianqian got a clear look at his face. He was just pretending to be drunk! But it was too late for her to realize that now.

Shen Zhilie used the quilt to cover them. Ye Qianqian gradually lost herself, and her breathing became more and more unsteady.

“I missed you,” he said. His voice was low and sexy with the hoarseness that comes after drinking a lot.

When Ye Qianqian opened her eyes, she saw him climbing up her body. He looked so loyal and lovely in that moment that she couldn’t help but look up and kiss him, and Shen Zhilie returned her kisses.

The night was long, but they finished quickly. Maybe it was because of the wine, but Shen Zhilie was really rough and crazy this time. Ye Qianqian almost hit him, and screamed, “Slow down!”

Shen Zhilie chuckled and said slowly, “Don’t worry. It won’t be too quick.”

Ye Qianqian whispered, “Well, you b*stard… ”

When they finished their business, they lost track of the time. Ye Qianqian slept like a baby, but she was woken up in a daze by Shen Zhilie.

Ye Qianqian was shocked. She immediately woke up and exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

She wanted to close her legs, but he pushed them apart. “Don’t move,” he said. “Enjoy yourself.”

“You… ah…” she groaned.

They didn’t close the curtains last night before they slept, so it was already bright outside when they woke up.

Ye Qianqian felt that she had gone through so much yesterday that she might fall apart. The light was far too bright for her eyes. She got up to close the curtains, then climbed back into bed to go to sleep again. However, as soon as she climbed back into bed, she was grasped tightly again in his arms.

Ye Qianqian froze. “I’ll kill you if you do it again!” she warned him.

Shen Zhilie chuckled and said, “No, I’ll sleep.”

Ye Qianqian was so angry at his smirk that she nudged and kicked him, and before she could relieve her anger, she started gnawing at his neck.

“Ah! Murder!” Shen Zhilie screamed.

Ye Qianqian hadn’t even bitten him hard enough for him to squeal so miserably like that. She let go of him and said, “Yuck!”

Shen Zhilie hugged her even more tightly and said softly, “Let’s continue instead of sleeping?”

“Do you want to die?” she scolded him.

Shen Zhilie chuckled, closed his eyes, and whispered, “I want a child.”

Ye Qianqian’s opened her eyes again.

“This way we won’t have to wait until you’re twenty-eight.”