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Chapter 1662 - Stabbed Him

"Oh my god! Zichen!" At that moment, Gu Zhilin and his ex-wife heard the sound and ran down the stairs, just in time to see Fang Hua hit Gu Zichen again.

Gu Zhilin took a big step forward and shielded Gu Zichen behind him. He turned around and slapped Fang Hua.u200bu200b

Fang Hua instantly lost her balance and hit the corner of the sofa with her lower abdomen. A piercing pain erupted, causing her small face to instantly turn pale.

She supported herself on the sofa and staggered to her feet. Her eyes were bloodshot as she looked at Gu Zhilin, as well as his ex-wife and son who were standing behind him.

"Gu Zhilin, we haven\'t even divorced, yet you actually brought this woman and this b**tard back. You\'ve gone too far!" Fang Hua\'s body began to sway, and the pain in her abdomen became more and more intense. It was so painful that her legs were trembling, however she still glared at Gu Zhilin with hatred.

Gu shielded his ex-wife and son behind him, looking at Fang Hua with vigilance and disgust, Didn\'t you come to talk about the divorce anyway? Fine, let\'s get a divorce! It is only until today that I realized, nothing is happier than having my family together. I don\'t care about money or power, I only want my wife and child!"

"Your wife and child?" Fang Hua stared at Gu Zhilin coldly. "Then what am I? What am I!"

Fang Hua felt extremely wronged. She clearly loved Gu Zhiqian, but in the end, she was ruined by this villain and forced to marry him. Now, he actually said such words to her. It was clearly this man who had destroyed her, but now he was saying such irresponsible words.

Fang Hua couldn\'t take it anymore. She really couldn\'t take it anymore. Her life had been ruined. She couldn\'t let Gu Zhilin have it easy too! The woman grabbed a fruit knife on the coffee table and stabbed at Gu Zhilin in a crazed fit.

By the time everyone could react, Gu Zhilin\'s abdomen had been stabbed, and bright red blood began to gush out.

Gu Zhilin covered his wound that still had the knife in it in disbelief. The intense pain had rendered him speechless, and he collapsed onto the ground almost immediately.



"Big brother!"

Gu Zhihuan and the others rushed towards Gu Zhilin anxiously. Gu Zichen cried as he dialled 110.

"Fang Hua, you\'re so ruthless! What is there that can\'t be said properly?!" Gu Zhihuan shouted at her.

Fang Hua stood there as if she had gone mad and started laughing by herself.

"You\'re really twisted! How can you still laugh?!" Gu Zhihuan glared at Fang Hua with bloodshot eyes, which later widened in surprised as she pointed to Fang Hua\'s lower body. "You\'re bleeding... You\'re bleeding down there..."

At this moment, everyone saw that Fang Hua\'s lower abdomen was bleeding. The fresh blood had already stained her white pants red. It was a bloody red that was piercing to the eyes.

Gu Zhilin slumped there weakly. Looking at Fang Hua\'s bleeding lower body, his gaze became complicated.

Everyone present knew what that blood meant. Fang Hua was pregnant, pregnant with Gu Zhilin\'s child. However, Gu Zhilin\'s push just now had been equivalent to him personally killing off his and Fang Hua\'s child.

Fang Hua\'s hands trembled as she reached out towards her lower body. Fresh blood immediately stained her hands. She screamed in shock and then fainted.

Gu Zichen, who had just made the police call, walked over crying. When he saw Fang Hua, who had fainted, he viciously kicked her stomach twice. "Bad person! You bad woman!"

"Zichen... Don\'t..." Gu Zhilin\'s voice was weak as he tried to stop him. No matter what, that was his child, even though he might not be able to keep it anymore...