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Chapter 1661 - Little B**tard

Even though Bubbles\' full month banquet was not very grand, those outside of the celebrity circle still managed to catch wind of it . A few photos of the event were leaked by the hotel staff, and soon Bubbles was trending on search engines. Because her parents were famous people, whenever there was any news about her from then on, she would immediately receive special attention.

In the Gu family\'s mansion, Gu Zhihuan sat in the living room and scrolled through Weibo. Looking at the photo of Bubbles online, Gu Zhihuan pursed her lips. "This child is quite cute, much cuter than her parents."u200bu200b

"Whose child is quite cute?" Fang Hua walked in with disp.l.e.a.s.u.r.e all over his face. Ever since Gu Zhilin had tortured and humiliated her, she had moved back to the Fang household that same day and was preparing to divorce him. Fang Hua felt that she couldn\'t take it anymore. If she continued to endure it, she would break down.

This time, Fang Zhenglong wouldn\'t stop this matter. Gu Zhilin was no longer of any value. The alliance between the Fang and the Gu Corporation was only in name after Gu Zhiqian became the chairman. Since that was the case, why should he let his daughter continue to be tied to that old man?

However, no matter what she did, she couldn\'t contact Gu Zhilin, which made Fang Hua very depressed.

Seeing that Fang Hua was back, Gu Zhihuan raised her eyebrows. "Hey, isn\'t this big sister-in-law? What\'s the matter? Do you want to move back here?" As she said this, Gu Zhihuan smiled. "You\'re right to think this way. There\'s nothing in it for you if you get a divorce."

Fang Hua viciously looked towards Gu Zhihuan, who said all that as if it was nothing to her. Fang was obviously much older than her, yet Gu had the nerve to call her big sister-in-law!

"I\'m here to see Gu Zhilin!" Fang Hua sat on the sofa coldly. "Go get him here. I want to talk to him about the divorce!"

Fang Hua hated Gu Zhilin to the bone. All she wanted was to divorce this man as soon as possible. Of course, she would not let him off the hook. At the very least, she couldn\'t let slide the humiliation from that day!

"Divorce?" Gu Zhihuan laughed. "Don\'t tell me you\'re thinking of seducing Gu Zhiqian after divorcing my big brother?"

Gu Zhihuan\'s words made Fang Hua\'s face tighten. "Gu Zhihuan, don\'t you dare insult me!"

"Tch, if it wasn\'t like that, why did you insist on divorcing my big brother?" Gu Zhihuan sat on the sofa and waved her phone, "I advise you to get rid of your dirty thoughts as soon as possible. Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi\'s relationship is very stable, and their family of three are very happy. You sure don\'t stop even when you\'re married. You really can\'t compare to my former big sister-in-law."

Fang Hua was furious when she heard Gu Zhihuan comparing herself to Gu Zhilin\'s ex-wife. "Gu Zhihuan, don\'t you dare lump me together with that lowly woman!"

"Of course that won\'t do, because you can\'t even be compared to my mom!" Suddenly, a young man\'s voice came from behind.

Fang Hua turned around and saw Gu Zichen standing there with a malicious look in his eyes. "Why are you here? Who told you to come back?"

"That\'s an interesting question. Zichen is my big brother\'s child. What\'s wrong with letting him stay here?" As she spoke, Gu Zhihuan waved at Gu Zichen. "Come, Zichen, come have a sit."

Gu Zichen did not move. He only looked at Fang Hua coldly. "Hurry up and get lost. You\'re not welcome here!"

Fang Hua was so angry that she laughed. "You little b**tard, do you know who you\'re talking to? I\'m the mistress of this place. You\'re the one who should get lost!"

"My mom is the mistress of this place! You\'re a s.l.u.t! You\'re a s.l.u.t that\'s worse than sh*t!" Gu Zichen hated Fang Hua to death. If it weren\'t for this woman, his parents wouldn\'t have gotten a divorce.

When Fang Hua heard this, she stepped forward and slapped Gu Zichen on the face. "Little b**tard, who do you think you\'re scolding!"