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Chapter 1658 - Mutual Torture

Gu Zhilin\'s eyes were bloodshot. He grabbed Fang Hua\'s hair tightly with one hand while his other hand was strangling her, "It\'s because you offended Guan Meiyi that I was subjected to Gu Zhiqian\'s revenge. And that daddy of yours, Fang Zhenglong, isn\'t a good person either. He actually added insult to injury! None of the Fang family members was decent! I\'ll strangle you to death!"

Fang Hua had difficulty breathing while being strangled by Gu Zhilin. Even though she was clearly at a disadvantage, she refused to beg for mercy. Her small face flushed red as she scolded with all her might, "You don\'t have the right to be a part of the Fang family... Without the Fang family, you\'re nothing... Why would my daddy help you? I\'d rather help a dog, at least a dog knows how to be grateful... You\'re sc.u.m. You\'re worse than Gu Zhiqian. You deserved to be destroyed by Gu Zhiqian!"u200bu200b

"What did you say? I dare you to repeat."

Gu Zhilin\'s expression became dangerous, but Fang Hua continued, "I could say it a few times... You are not on par with Gu Zhiqian! You are old and ugly, you can\'t be compared to Gu Zhiqian!"

Hearing Fang Hua\'s words, Gu Zhilin\'s face began to twist and distort, and his breathing became heavy. He stared at Fang Hua with his eyes wide open, as if he wanted to skin her and pull out her tendons.

It was only at this moment Fang Hua started to feel a little scared, "You... What are you trying to do..."

Gu Zhilin suddenly laughed out loud and released the hand that was strangling Fang Hua\'s neck.

Fang Hua could finally breathe and she coughed violently.

Before Fang Hua could react, Fang Hua\'s pajamas were ripped off by Gu Zhilin.

"Gu Zhilin, what are you doing?!" Fang Hua stared at Gu Zhilin in horror. She was trying to cover her exposed body with her hands but Gu Zhilin prevented her from doing so.

"You must have forgotten that I am your husband. I will let you know who I am right now!"

Gu Zhilin was like a wild beast that had gone mad. He tore off Fang Hua\'s clothes, tortured and ravaged her on the bed.

The windows and doors of the room were not closed. Fang Hua\'s cry resounded throughout the entire house. Gu Zhiming, Gu Zhihuan, and all the servants in the Gu residence heard it, but no one dared to come forward to stop him, they listened, snickered, felt curious, and were indifferent.

Half an hour later, Fang Hua\'s cry became softer. An hour passed, Gu Zhilin left the Gu residence in anger.

In the room, Fang Hua laid b.a.r.e on the bed, her eyes were lifeless. Ever since she married Gu Zhilin, he barely touched her because Fang Hua was extremely resistant to being intimate with him.

But today, Gu Zhilin did it cruelly, torturing Fang Hua for an entire hour. He did not let go of Fang Hua and used every means to degrade her.

To Fang Hua, getting intimate with Gu Zhilin was an insult to her. In the depths of Fang Hua\'s heart, she had never once regarded Gu Zhilin as her husband. However, she controlled Gu Zhilin domineeringly. She did not allow Gu Zhilin to have any contact with his ex-wife and son, and even more so, she did not allow Gu Zhilin to touch other women.

In this marriage, other than allowing Gu Zhilin to take the position of the head of the family, there was no trace of happiness or sweetness. The two of them had been torturing each other.

However, things had already come to this state, it won\'t be easy to divorce.