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Chapter 1655 - Who Does the Child Look Like

Guan Meiyi originally wanted to hire a nanny to take care of the children, but after Gu Zhiqian found out, he went to the Ruan family and asked Ling Tianya to lend Ms. Wang to their home.

Ms. Wang had been staying in the Ruan family for a long time now and was responsible for taking care of the three children. Two of the children were already more than a year old now, and there were so many people in the Ruan family who could take care of them, so Ling Tianya was not stingy, she let Ms. Wang follow Gu Zhiqian to his home.u200bu200b

With Ms. Wang\'s help, Guan Meiyi and Zhao Huimin were much more relaxed. Ms. Wang was experienced, and a good caregiver to children. Guan Meiyi just had to follow Ms. Wang\'s plan every day. In fact, there was nothing she really had to do, she just had to b.r.e.a.s.tfeed when it was time.

Now that Gu Zhiqian had a daughter, he did not accept any further casting calls. The only requirement for him to accept a casting call was that he could return home by the end of the day. It was impossible for him not to see his daughter for more than a day.

The public was curious about the daughter of Best Actor Gu and Best Actress Guan. They were especially curious about the child\'s appearance, so there were more reporters around the house and Gu Zhiqian.

However, Gu Zhiqian had protected his daughter and Guan Meiyi very well after giving birth, so the reporters couldn\'t capture anything.

But the more protected they were, the more the reporters and fans wanted to know the child\'s appearance.

Guan Meiyi was more open-minded in this regard. Some things, the more you hide it from the public, the more curious people became. It was better to show it to them candidly, and the public would be quiet instead.

Therefore, Guan Meiyi, who had not updated her Weibo for a long time, finally updated her Weibo and attached a photo of herself and her daughter.

In the photo, Guan Meiyi did not put on any makeup, but her simple and elegant face was still beautiful. In Guan Meiyi\'s arms, the child had big black eyes, fair skin, and wore a small pink dress.

The caption on Weibo was, "Hello everyone, I don\'t have a name yet. My father said that he would give me the best name in the world, but this silly father never thought of it until now. However, since he bought a dress, I\'ll forgive him."

Such a caption, along with such a cute and cute photo, instantly flooded the entire internet.

Guan Meiyi\'s action increased her favorability in the hearts of her fans. All the other celebrities had gone to great lengths to hide their children. Only their Best Actress Guan was so generous to post photos of her children. It satisfied the curiosity of her fans.

In the teahouse, Fang Hua was sitting there drinking tea with the girls in white dresses by his side.

Speaking of which, Fang Hua was quite pitiful. Since he was young, he didn\'t even have a close friend by his side. Therefore, even if he didn\'t like the girls in white dresses, they were the only ones who would accompany him.

Fang Hua was about to leave when he heard a girl shout excitedly, "Look, it\'s goddess Guan\'s daughter! Wow, she\'s so cute!"

Now, the girl in the white dress no longer hid the fact that she was a fan of Guan Meiyi. Even in front of Fang Hua, she did not hide it at all.

Hearing the girl in the white dress\'s words, the other girls gathered together to discuss, "Yeah, she\'s so cute. She\'s so pink. Do you think she looks more like Guan Meiyi or Gu Zhiqian?"

"Of course she looks like Gu Zhiqian. Look at her big eyes. Isn\'t she just like Best Actor Gu?"

"No!" The girl in the white dress was unhappy. "This child is so young, how can you tell that she looks like Best Actor Gu? I told you she looks like my goddess Guan!"