Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1654 - Having a Harmonious Family Is the Most Important Thing

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Chapter 1654 - Having a Harmonious Family Is the Most Important Thing

Ms. Liu\'s words deeply affected Zhao Huimin. In fact, in the past few days, Zhao Huimin was also thinking about this matter in her heart.

Guan Meiyi had given birth to a girl. She was indeed very disappointed, but in the end, the child was her granddaughter and her son\'s daughter. Although she liked boys, she also knew science. The decision of giving birth to boys and girls was not made by a woman at all. Therefore, even if she was disappointed, she could not blame Guan Meiyi for giving birth to a daughter.u200bu200b

Moreover, just like what Ms. Liu had said, she still had to rely on her son for the rest of her life. If she did not get along well with Guan Meiyi and her granddaughter, she would not be happy in the future.

Why was the Madam of the Ling family sent to the countryside by Guan Meiyi\'s uncle, Ling Tao? Wasn\'t it because the Mdm Ling was cruel towards Ling Tianya and Ling Tao\'s daughter-in-law, and her words were harsh.

Zhao Huimin thought about it, she didn\'t want to follow in the footsteps of Mdm Ling.

Ms. Liu saw that Zhao Huimin\'s expression visibly relaxed, and was listening to what she said, so she continued, "Besides, Meiyi is still young, now that the Second-Child Policy has been relaxed, if she wants another child in a few years, it might be a boy."

Hearing this, Zhao Huimin nodded. She knew in her heart that Ms. Liu said all this for her own good, and also for the sake of having a harmonious family, but due to her pride, she couldn\'t give her thanks, "I know. That child is my granddaughter after all. How can I not dote on her? I\'m not a wicked grandmother from a old era!"

Seeing Zhao Huimin say this, Ms. Liu was relieved.

At this moment, Gu Zhiqian brought Guan Meiyi and the child home.

Without waiting for Ms. Liu to say anything, Zhao Huimin stood up and took the initiative to welcome them. Seeing the child in Guan Meiyi\'s arms, Zhao Huimin quickly put on a smile and took the child from Guan Meiyi\'s hands, "Aiyo, my eldest granddaughter is back! Let grandma look at you! My eldest granddaughter!"

Guan Meiyi, who was prepared to be ridiculed by Zhao Huimin, was stunned. She didn\'t expect Zhao Huimin to be so enthusiastic.

Zhao Huimin looked at the baby who was still sleeping and blowing bubbles in her mouth. If the smile on her face before was fake, then the loving smile on her face now was from the bottom of her heart.

The soft and cuddly child looked cute and cute. It inadvertently made Zhao Huimin\'s heart soften. Moreover, they were related by blood, Zhao Huimin was genuinely happy in her heart.

Zhao Huimin held the child in her arms and looked at Guan Meiyi. She smiled and said, "Meiyi, thank you for your hard work."

While Guan Meiyi was in a daze, Zhao Huimin continued, "Don\'t stand there. Meiyi\'s body is still weak. Come in quickly!" Then, she brought Guan Meiyi to the dining room and pointed at the confinement meals that Ms. Liu prepared for Guan Meiyi, "Mom prepared these for you. I didn\'t go to the hospital to see you these two days because I was studying these dishes at home. You\'re in confinement now, so you can\'t eat carelessly."

Hearing Zhao Huimin\'s words, Ms. Liu\'s expression changed. In the end, she didn\'t say anything. As long as the family was harmonious, it didn\'t matter.

However, Guan Meiyi still noticed the change on Ms. Liu\'s face. She looked at Ms. Liu and nodded at her with a smile.

Everyone knew that Zhao Huimin definitely didn\'t prepare these dishes. However, since she was willing to make a change, no one would say anything. After all, having a harmonious family is the most important thing.