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Chapter 1653 - What would Mr. Gu Think

In the hospital corridor, almost every woman passing by couldn\'t help but look at the window. Actually, it wasn\'t their fault for wanting to look. The two men standing there were simply too pleasing to the eye.

Gu Zhiqian stood by the window. A gust of wind blew against his face, blowing away the man\'s hair, but it wasn\'t messy.u200bu200b

"Has the matter with the Gu Corporation been resolved?" Ruan Zeyan asked in a low voice.

"It\'s settled. I am now the chairman of the Gu Corporation." Gu Zhiqian\'s voice was light, but he was not very excited.

"What about those people?"

Gu Zhiqian knew that Ruan Zeyan was asking about Gu Zhilin and the other two. His expression remained indifferent. "I promised grandfather to give them a way out, but it still depends on their performance."

If Gu Zhilin and the others could behave themselves in the future and no longer test Gu Zhiqian\'s limits, he would not go looking for trouble with them.

"Hm." Ruan Zeyan nodded. "This matter has been resolved, but there is one more thing I think you should think about again."

"What is it?" Gu Zhiqian asked.

Ruan Zeyan turned his head and looked at Gu Zhiqian with a serious face. "The matter of your daughter marrying my son."

Gu Zhiqian, "..."

"I agree with Tianya\'s idea. I have two sons, and you can choose from them. I\'m very sincere."

Gu Zhiqian\'s face changed instantly, "Ruan Zeyan! Are you still my brother? My daughter has just been born, and you are already plotting against her on behalf of your own son! You really are a businessman, you are so treacherous! You and Yaya, you and your wife, are both treacherous!"

Ever since then, every time Gu Zhiqian saw Ling Tianya and Ruan Zeyan, he would look at them with a guarded look, afraid that they would snatch his precious daughter away.

Since Guan Meiyi gave birth naturally, she could be discharged the next day. Even when she was discharged, Zhao Huimin never showed up.

Knowing that Guan Meiyi would be discharged today and that her child would be coming home, Ms. Liu had already started working in the kitchen. Since Guan Meiyi was going through confinement, she had to pay special attention to the food she ate. Ms. Liu specifically asked the nutritionist, after that, she started to prepare for Guan Meiyi.

The dietitian was still wondering why it was not Zhao Huimin, the mother-in-law, who came to ask her, but Ms. Liu instead. When Guan Meiyi was pregnant, Zhao Huimin, the mother-in-law, was more attentive than anyone else.

Ms. Liu did not know how to answer the dietitian, so she could only reply vaguely.

Now, Ms. Liu looked at Zhao Huimin, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room; she started to worry. Ever since the child was born, Zhao Huimin had not gone to the hospital to take a look. Now that Guan Meiyi was bringing the child back, if Zhao Huimin were to cause trouble again... it would be ugly.

With this thought, Ms. Liu walked over. "Mrs. Gu, I know I shouldn\'t say such things, but I still want to say..."

Zhao Huimin looked at Ms. Liu listlessly and sighed faintly. "Go ahead."

Ms. Liu thought for a moment and finally said it, "I know you may not like what I say, but I\'m saying it for your own good. Ever since Meiyi gave birth to the child, you haven\'t shown up at the hospital. Mr. Gu and Meiyi aren\'t idiots, they both know what\'s going on. Let\'s not talk about Meiyi first. Let\'s talk about Mr. Gu. He loves his daughter very much. You didn\'t go to the hospital, so you don\'t know that Mr. Gu treats the child as a treasure. He loves his daughter so much. Of course, he also hopes that you, as his grandmother, will love this child as well."

Zhao Huimin\'s expression relaxed. "You\'re saying that Zhiqian loves that child very much and doesn\'t dislike the fact that it\'s a daughter?"

Ms. Liu shook her head decisively, "No, why would I lie to you? You\'ll see it when Mr. Gu comes back later! You\'re his mother. Your future depends on him. "Think about it. If you don\'t like his daughter or spoke coldly to Meiyi, what will Mr. Gu think?"