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Chapter 1650 - Wouldn\'t That Be a Waste of Time?


Guan Meiyi held Gu Zhiqian\'s hand tightly. The pain felt like it was going to tear her apart.

This was probably Gu Zhiqian\'s most nervous moment to date. He was so nervous that his tongue was numb and he began to speak incoherently, "Where does it hurt? Where does it hurt? Tell me? Don\'t hold it in!"

The pain made Guan Meiyi very annoyed. When she heard Gu Zhiqian\'s idiotic question, she became even more annoyed. "Are you an idiot? Where do you think it hurts?! Ah!"

"Yes, yes! I\'m an idiot! Don\'t be angry!" Gu Zhiqian quickly coaxed Guan Meiyi.

The doctors and nurses present were all stunned. They didn\'t expect that the great actor Gu Zhiqian would actually love his wife so much. He didn\'t even fight back and didn\'t even return the scolding! Was this still the unruly actor Gu Zhiqian? This was simply the perfect husband!

The doctors on the other side were still helping Guan Meiyi deliver the baby. The midwife was pushing her belly and helping her deliver the baby. The doctors in front were paying full attention and observing Guan Meiyi and the baby\'s movements.

"Push! The baby is coming out!"

Hearing this, Guan Meiyi\'s already exhausted body gathered strength again. She held Gu Zhiqian\'s hand tightly, and Gu Zhiqian also held her tightly, as if to give her strength.

"Ah!" A burst of intense pain hit, and Guan Meiyi shouted, "Gu Zhiqian! If you dare to let me down in the future, I\'ll chop you up!"

"Okay!" At this moment, Gu Zhiqian could do nothing but play along, coax Guan Meiyi, and feel sorry for Guan Meiyi.

Not long after, the sound of a baby crying came from the room. The sound was loud, and the baby was very healthy.

At this moment, Guan Meiyi had no strength left. The midwife brought the baby that had been cleaned up to Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian, "Look, your little princess!"

"It\'s really a daughter?" Gu Zhiqian was stunned for a second. Then, he took the soft, red, and wrinkled baby from the midwife\'s hands and held it in his arms.

He moved carefully, afraid that he would hurt the baby if he exerted any force.

Guan Meiyi didn\'t have any strength left. She looked up at the baby in Gu Zhiqian\'s arms. "Tianya is right. The baby is really ugly."

Gu Zhiqian was overjoyed. "My baby is not ugly. Not ugly at all!"

Guan Meiyi nodded. Well, it seemed that she had indeed given birth to a love rival.

Gu Zhiqian bent down and kissed Guan Meiyi\'s sweaty forehead. "Thank you."

This \'thank you\' contained much affection and love. Gu Zhiqian\'s heart was filled with too many feelings, gratitude, and love for Guan Meiyi. However, when it reached his mouth, he couldn\'t say anything. He could only say, "thank you."

Guan Meiyi was too tired. She closed her eyes, nodded slightly, and a tear rolled down the corner of her eye.

Outside, Zhao Huimin paced back and forth anxiously, her hands clasped together as she muttered, "Grandson, grandson, grandson... god bless, it has to be a grandson, it has to be a grandson!"

Ms. Liu looked at Zhao Huimin\'s mumbling and shook her head helplessly. It seemed that she hadn\'t given up on her obsession with her grandson.

Ms. Liu walked forward and held Zhao Huimin\'s arm. "Aiya, Madam, you have to relax. In this world, isn\'t it the same whether it\'s a boy or a girl? Besides, girls are filial."

Zhao Huimin was displeased when she heard this and frowned, "How can it be the same whether it\'s a boy or a girl? Xiao Liu, it doesn\'t matter if you say I value boys over girls. It doesn\'t matter. A grandson will bring people home in the future, but a granddaughter will be given to someone else. A family sacrifices so much to raise a girl, and then she marries someone else and became someone else\'s. Wouldn\'t that be a waste of time!?"