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Chapter 1649 - Pain Everywhere


Indeed, voting was the fairest method, but to Gu Zhilin, it was equivalent to directly sentencing Gu Zhilin to death. He already knew the results of the voting.

In the end, the result was just as Gu Zhilin had expected. None of the shareholders and clansmen actually voted for him. There was only one vote, and it was Gu Zhihuan. Even Gu Zhiming did not vote for him.

Gu Zhilin looked at the line below his name on the voting board, which symbolized one vote. He felt that it was extremely ironic and eye-piercing. This kind of blow was too strong and direct. The reality was harsh, clearly telling him, "Gu Zhilin, you can\'t do it. You\'re useless. You\'ve been completely crushed by Gu Zhiqian..."

Gu Zhiqian looked at the voting result with satisfaction. Strictly speaking, he was now the Chairman of the Gu Corporation.

The man stood up and was escorted by the crowd as he slowly walked towards the position that belonged to the Chairman. The position that Gu Zhilin had coveted for a long time, but was ultimately unable to sit on.

Under everyone\'s gaze, Gu Zhiqian sat down. His slender fingers tapped on the table. The sound seemed to hit people\'s hearts. The man opened his mouth slightly and spoke slowly, "Frank, investigate the Gu Corporation\'s accounts. Find out what caused the deficit and shortage of funds. Whoever is responsible will be severely punished."

Gu Zhiqian\'s body suddenly froze. He glared at Gu Zhiqian ferociously. He originally thought that letting Gu Zhiqian sit as the Chairman would be enough, but now it seemed that Gu Zhiqian had no intention of letting him go.

Facing Gu Zhiqian\'s ferocious face, Gu Zhiqian smiled. "I promised Master Gu that I would give the three of you a way out in the future. Since I\'ve promised, I won\'t go back on my word."

At this moment, Gu Zhiqian\'s phone suddenly rang. It was Zhao Huimin calling.

When he picked up the phone, Zhao Huimin\'s nervous voice came through. "Son, hurry! Go to the hospital quickly! Your wife is going to give birth! Aiya... you scared me to death... Meiyi! You have to bear with it. Mom will send you to the hospital right now... bear with it!"

Gu Zhiqian held his phone tightly, looking unprecedentedly nervous.

No one present knew what had happened. When everyone reacted, Gu Zhiqian had already left the meeting room like a gust of wind.

Guan Meiyi had decided early on to give birth naturally. Not only would she recover quickly, but it would also deepen the intimacy between her and the child.

When Gu Zhiqian rushed to the hospital, Guan Meiyi was being prepared to be pushed to the delivery room for labor. Seeing Gu Zhiqian, Guan Meiyi\'s tears started to fall. It was not because she was wronged, nor was it because of the pain. It was just that the moment she saw this man, she really wanted to cry. Perhaps it was because she was touched by the fact that they were about to become a parent.

Zhao Huimin was anxious beside her. "Aiya, you can\'t cry. Save your strength. Don\'t cry!"

Guan Meiyi nodded obediently, but her tears kept falling uncontrollably.

Gu Zhiqian went into the delivery room with Guan Meiyi after getting the doctor\'s approval. He wanted to accompany her and wait for the baby to arrive.

However, the natural delivery was much more painful than she had imagined. It hurt so much that she only wanted to curse, but she didn\'t want to curse her own mother, so she started to curse Gu Zhiqian.

Guan Meiyi lay in the delivery room, her entire body drenched in sweat. The doctor pushed her stomach while asking her to use more strength.

She felt that all her strength had been drained, and she couldn\'t use any strength at all. Her stomach hurt, and her lower body hurt too. In short, her entire body hurt everywhere.