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Chapter 1647 - The Overall Situation


At this moment, the atmosphere in the meeting room was starting to become oppressive for Gu Zhilin. He had never thought that he would one day face such a fierce situation.

His father-in-law, Fang Zhenglong, was now eyeing the Gu Corporation covetously. He was even trying to annex the entire Gu Corporation and take away his power.

However while he had regarded this as his last hope, he did not expect that the mastermind behind the scenes was actually Gu Zhiqian.

Gu Zhilin had been targeting Gu Zhiqian since he was young. When Gu Zhiqian was still young, he had done many things to humiliate him. He even wanted to take Gu Zhiqian\'s life at one point.

He knew these things. Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhihuan also knew about them, and Gu Zhiqian himself knew too. Before, when Master Gu was still alive, and they could still maintain their superficial harmony. Now that Master Gu had passed away, no one would protect him, Gu Zhiming, and Gu Zhihuan. If Gu Zhiqian really took the position of chairman, would the three of them still have a chance to live?

"No! In any case, the position of Chairman will never be given to you!" Gu Zhilin waved his hand, determined not to give Gu Zhiqian any chance to overpower him.

"Mr. Gu, I think you\'d better not be so stubborn," Frank stood behind Gu Zhiqian and said with a smile, "I think, as the President of the Gu Corporation and the Head of the Gu family, you should take the overall situation into consideration wtih everything. Now, letting my boss be the Chairman of the Gu Corporation is the wisest way. This way, the Gu Corporation\'s predicament will be solved. You can\'t destroy the entire company just because of your personal feelings, right? Or rather..."

Frank looked at the embarrassed Fang Zhenglong beside him. "Or rather, you\'d rather let your father-in-law take advantage of you and change the surname of the Gu family to Fang than let my boss, your half-brother, be the Chairman?"

Frank\'s words attracted the discussion of the other shareholders present, including the members of the Gu family.

It was just as Frank had said. Gu Zhiqian was Master Gu\'s biological grandson, and his surname was also Gu. Although his relationship with the Gu family was not very good, it was still legitimate. Moreover, when Master Gu was still alive, Gu Zhiqian was also one of the heirs. Now that he was in charge of the management rights of the group, it was not a loss of power. In the end, the company still had the surname Gu.

The members of the Gu family now clearly understood Fang Zhenglong\'s despicable intention of taking advantage of the situation. If this matter really allowed him to succeed, then wouldn\'t the Gu family have to change their surname to Fang? Putting everything else aside, what would the members of the Gu family be in the future?

Thinking of this, everyone agreed with Frank\'s words.

An elder took the lead to speak to Gu Zhilin, "Zhilin, as the Head of the Gu family, your responsibility and obligation are to protect the Gu family and lead the Gu family towards a better future. "You should consider the overall situation. This is a major matter regarding the entire company and the Gu family. It\'s not your personal grudge. I think it\'s good to let Zhiqian be the Chairman. I\'ll state my stand first. I agree!"

Once one of the elders agreed, and the other elders also expressed their agreement. When the clansmen saw that the elders had agreed, they also expressed their agreement.

Nothing was more important than the Gu family now. The surname of the Gu family had to remain as Gu. As long as the person in charge was a member of the Gu family, it didn\'t matter who it was.

Moreover, Gu Zhilin indeed didn\'t have the ability to lead, nor did he have the wisdom to do business. Back then, it was because Master Gu was helping him plan and clean up the aftermath, the clansmen did not think much of it. Now it seemed that Gu Zhilin only had dirty tricks in his mind, and he did not have any great wisdom at all.