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Chapter 1646 - I Want That Position


Gu Zhiqian\'s appearance caused the normal meeting to move in a different direction. Everyone\'s focus was no longer on Gu Zhilin but on Gu Zhiqian.

However, unlike Gu Zhilin, everyone wanted Gu Zhiqian to become the leader of the Corporation.

Gu Zhilin saw the reactions of those people. Even some of the Gu family\'s clansmen began to move toward Gu Zhiqian.

Gu Zhilin was anxious. "What are you doing! I\'m the Master of the Gu family. He has nothing to do with the Gu family anymore!"

"That\'s right." Gu Zhiqian\'s voice was indifferent. "I don\'t represent the Gu family. I represent myself."

Gu Zhiqian\'s slender fingers knocked on the table. His languid and sharp eyes swept across the people present and finally fell on Gu Zhilin.

"As a shareholder of the Gu Corporation, I can contribute to help the Gu Corporation tide over this crisis. I can even contribute more money to restore the Gu Corporation to its previous state. However ---" Gu Zhiqian stopped tapping on the table, "I want that position."

Gu Zhiqian pointed at the position next to Gu Zhilin. It was empty. It used to be the position of the previous Master Gu and was the position Gu Zhilin so desperately wanted, so much that he was willing to sacrifice sleep and food.

Seeing the direction Gu Zhiqian pointed at, Gu Zhilin stood up immediately. "Impossible! This seat is impossible for you!"

Gu Zhiqian shrugged and smiled. "I don\'t care. As I said before, the one who has no choice now is you. It\'s just merely the Gu Corporation. I don\'t care."

Gu Zhiqian appeared calm, but the others could not be as relaxed as him.

There was one thing that Gu Zhiqian was right about. With the current Gu Corporation, he could not care less. He was originally a major shareholder of the Gu Corporation. In the future, if the Gu Corporation performed well or badly, it would not affect him much. If the Gu Corporation performed badly, Gu Zhiqian would at most waste some money or transfer the shares in his hands. He could do anything. However, if the Gu Corporation performed well, then as the major shareholder, Gu Zhiqian would definitely earn the most.

However, the one who didn\'t have a choice now was the Gu Corporation itself. It was Gu Zhilin. There were so many people who depended on the Gu Corporation for their livelihood.


Zhao Huimin walked out of the kitchen with the dishes that had just been prepared. It was time for Guan Meiyi to eat. She put the dishes in her hands on the dining table, and went to find Guan Meiyi to eat.

"Meiyi, it\'s time to eat!" Usually, Guan Meiyi would be hungry at this time and would wait in the dining room or the living room. However, she didn\'t see anyone in the dining room or the living room today.

Zhao Huimin searched around the first floor but couldn\'t find anyone, so she went upstairs to look for Guan Meiyi\'s room.

"Meiyi! Why didn\'t you open the door for me?" Zhao Huimin pushed the door open herself, but found that Guan Meiyi was not in the room. "Where did this child go?!"

Zhao Huimin walked down and saw Ms. Liu. "Xiao Liu, have you seen Meiyi?"

Ms. Liu shook her head. "No."

Zhao Huimin suddenly became anxious. "Where did she go? Did she sneak out to play by herself?"

At this moment, Mao Tuan\'s fierce cry came from the living room. It was very loud and very noisy.

Zhao Huimin had a headache from Mao Tuan\'s loud cry. "Mao Tuan, don\'t be noisy!"

Normally, as long as Zhao Huimin shouted, Mao Tuan would stop shouting. But today, Mao Tuan did not listen to Zhao Huimin\'s loud cry. Instead, he kept circling the door of the washroom in the living room on the first floor. His cry was very loud.

Zhao Huimin and Ms. Liu immediately realized that Mao Tuan was probably telling them something. The two of them looked at each other and quickly walked towards the washroom. When they opened the door, they saw Guan Meiyi sitting inside with her head covered in sweat.