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Chapter 1645 - You Do Not Have a Choice


Fang Zhenglong was embarrassed. He did not expect Frank to reveal it.

Gu Zhilin glared coldly at Fang Zhenglong. This person had contacted Glory World Group and wanted to cut off his escape route. He was a treacherous person!

Based on Frank\'s words coupled with the reactions of Gu Zhilin and Fang Zhenglong, who would doubt Gu Zhiqian\'s identity?

Gu Zhihuan was unable to refute. She sat back in her seat with a defeated expression and looked at Gu Zhiqian in disbelief.

Their fourth brother, whom they had never taken seriously since young, suddenly became their largest shareholder, the person who could decide the fate of the Gu Corporation with a single word.

Gu Zhilin sat down in shock, "Gu Zhiqian, what do you mean? You were the one who transferred the shares that grandfather had given you back then, and now you\'ve bought so many shares of the Gu family in the name of Glory World Group. What were you trying to do?"

Gu Zhiqian sat there and looked at Gu Zhilin as if he was a fool. "I transferred those shares back then to leave the Gu family, and now I\'m buying them in bulk to..." Gu Zhiqian paused, his thin lips slightly curved, like the King of Hell, he opened his mouth slightly and slowly uttered, "Take control of the Gu family."

The Gu family members who were present s.u.c.k.e.d in a breath of cold air. For many years, the Gu family had relied on Old Master Gu\'s support. Old Master Gu doted on Gu Zhilin, so the others bowed to the ones with authority and trampled on the others, they spared no effort stepping on Gu Zhiqian and Zhao Huimin.

However, none of them had expected that Gu Zhiqian would turn the tables in such a manner.

"Gu Zhiqian, stop boasting!" Gu Zhilin was losing his confidence with cold sweat breaking out on his forehead.

"Whether I\'m boasting or not, you can give it a try," Gu Zhiqian replied casually. "Now, you do not have a choice."

Gu Zhilin was stunned. His brain was buzzing as if it was going to explode in the next second.

At this moment, the Gu family was depressed as well as Fang Zhenglong. Frank had spoken out his thoughts in public. The current boss of Glory World Group was Gu Zhiqian, which meant that Gu Zhiqian had the ability to control the Gu Corporation himself. It was impossible for Fang Zhenglong to do anything to him.

Moreover, this was not the most terrifying part.

The most terrifying part was that Gu Zhiqian had a feud with the Fang family a long time ago. This was mainly because of the conflict between Fang Hua and Guan Meiyi.

Gu Zhiqian doted on Guan Meiyi so much that he would definitely add Fang Hua\'s hatred to the Fang family.

If they were talking about business conflicts, Fang Zhenglong had nothing to be afraid of. However, the fact that Gu Zhiqian was able to set up Glory World Group silently, took control of the current situation, embroiled both Gu and Fang families in this controversy, was enough to prove that Gu Zhiqian was not a simple person.

If Fang Zhenglong could think of that, all the shareholders, executives, and partners of the Gu Corporation would too.

They looked at Gu Zhiqian with keen eyes. They could let Gu Zhiqian control the management of the group. Glory World Group was not only rich but also had a lot of resources. Besides, they had a partner as big as Yuan Teng Corporation. It would be easy to save the Gu Corporation from its current crisis.