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Chapter 1644 - Be More Polite


The audience gasps followed by silence.

Gu Zhilin felt as if all the blood in his body was flowing backward. He looked at Gu Zhiqian in disbelief, and Frank, who was standing respectfully beside Gu Zhiqian.

"Frank... What did you say?" Gu Zhilin began to speak incoherently. He pointed at Gu Zhiqian, "What did you call this person just now?"

Frank saw Gu Zhilin\'s action and frowned, "Mr. Gu, please be polite to my boss, or else we won\'t be easy on you."

Frank\'s Chinese was not fluent and his pronunciation was not accurate, but everyone understood his words clearly.

Gu Zhilin\'s body suddenly trembled and he mumbled, "Won\'t... Won\'t be easy on me..."

"Boss!" Frank respectfully pointed to the seat he had been sitting in and led Gu Zhiqian to that seat. He pulled the chair for Gu Zhiqian and once he sat down, Frank stood behind Gu Zhiqian with Liangzi and the others.

This scene shocked everyone who was present.

At this moment, Gu Zhiming and Gu Zhihuan\'s faces were ashen. It was obvious that they couldn\'t accept what happened, and the other members of the Gu family were not looking good.

Gu Zhiqian had broken off with the Gu family. Back then, Gu Zhiqian had resolutely transferred the shares he originally held. After the death of his grandfather, he cut off contact with the Gu family. But now, he changed and became a major shareholder of the Gu Corporation with great influence.

This was simply a godly turn of events. No, it was a turn that even gods could not imagine.

Gu Zhihuan did not believe it, and she did not want to either. "Impossible, you\'re lying! It must be a lie! You\'re not from Glory World Group, lies!"

Frank did not have a good impression of the Gu family\'s daughter. Other than throwing a tantrum and acting like a donkey, she knew nothing, "Miss Gu, please watch your words. We were not pretending. Moreover, I think your elder brother, Mr. Gu, should know very well whether we are from Glory World Group or not." Frank looked at Fang Zhenglong, who was nearby, "I think Mr. Fang should also know very well. These two have contacted me one after another. Mr. Gu wants me to help the Gu Corporation tide over the difficulties and support him as the chairman and president of the Gu Corporation. Mr. Fang\'s request was the opposite. He wants me to oppose Mr. Gu Zhilin, stand by and do nothing regarding Gu Corporation\'s affairs."

At this point, a commotion broke out in the meeting room.

Frank paused for a moment before continuing, "Both of you have agreed to give Glory World Group a generous reward after the matter is settled. How about it? Mr. Gu, Mr. Fang, was that the case?"

Frank\'s words were equivalent to exposing the tricks of Gu Zhilin and Fang Zhenglong to the public. Gu Zhilin\'s request was understandable. After all, he was a member of the Gu Corporation.

However, what did Fang Zhenglong meant by this? If Glory World Group was willing to invest to help the Gu Corporation tide over this difficulty, wouldn\'t that be a good thing? Why was Fang Zhenglong against it?

However, the people present were not fools. They could figure out Fang Zhenglong\'s motive. Thus, all of them looked at Fang Zhenglong with disdain. To take advantage of a situation like this was simply shameless!