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Chapter 1641 - Public Criticism

Guan Meiyi\'s body felt heavier than usual ever since she woke up in the morning, and it was gradually getting worse. The swelling sensation was quite strong, she felt a need for a bowel movement and at the same time, she couldn\'t.

When Guan Meiyi came out of the washroom, Gu Zhiqian had already changed his outfit. Seeing her sullen little face, he went forward and helped her to the sofa, "What\'s wrong? Why are you unhappy?"

Guan Meiyi shook her head. She couldn\'t say that she was constipated even though he was her husband.

"Are you going out?" Noticing Gu Zhiqian was dressed formally.

Gu Zhiqian nodded, "I have some matters to take care of, but I can\'t bring you along this time. The situation is complicated."

"I didn\'t say I wanted to go with you," Guan Meiyi muttered softly, then looked up at him. "Don\'t worry about me and head out. Mom is at home."

Seeing that Guan Meiyi and Zhao Huimin were on good terms, Gu Zhiqian was glad. He kissed her and said, "I\'ll be back with you once I\'m done."

After Gu Zhiqian left, Guan Meiyi sat there. The swelling sensation was worsening. It made her realized perhaps it was not a bowel movement but her labor was nearing?

The due date was still a week away. How could she give birth now?

Guan Meiyi thought it was best to wait and observe so she did not inform Zhao Huimin about the unusual feeling she was experiencing.


As a shareholder of the group, Gu Zhihuan was qualified to participate in this meeting. Gu Zhihuan stood up angrily and glared at the shareholders who opposed Gu Zhilin, "On what grounds do you have to oppose my big brother? This is Gu Corporation, the Gu family\'s company. My big brother is a major shareholder, so it\'s understandable for him to be the president and chairman. It\'s not your place to interfere!"

"It\'s not our place to interfere?" She thought the shareholders were unconvinced, "Although this group was named after the Gu family, the decision was not entirely up to your family! Don\'t forget that there were other shareholders. For many years, the Gu family has been in charge of the management of the group. Your father had the ability and the company was in good hands. He led well and earned a lot, so it\'s understandable for him to be in charge. As for your big brother, Gu Zhilin, does he have that kind of ability? Previously when the stock fell, he abandoned us and ran home to his father for help. Was this behavior acceptable for a president? There was the WR project. How much money did Gu Corporation lose? Our reputation was greatly damaged. In addition to the recent series of events, Gu Zhilin didn\'t have any countermeasures at all. He couldn\'t handle the matters and yet he wants to occupy the president\'s seat?"

That shareholder\'s words attracted the response of other shareholders, the company\'s senior management, and some of his partners. Gu Zhilin became the target of public criticism. No one spoke up for him except for the Gu family.