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Chapter 1640 - The Start of the Conference

Gu Zhilin did not like the way Fang Zhenglong looked at him. The way Fang Zhenglong\'s gaze made him feel like he would be defeated.

Taking a deep breath, Gu Zhilin looked at the time. There was not much time left before the conference starts. He had not seen the people from Glory World yet. Now that he saw the look on Fang Zhenglong\'s face, Gu Zhilin started to panic.

Could it be that Fang Zhenglong had secretly contacted Glory World and given Glory World some benefits so that their people would not appear?

Thinking of this, Gu Zhilin\'s heart began to panic like never before. He only thought of contacting Glory World back then, but had forgotten to prevent Fang Zhenglong from contacting them too.

What should he do now? If Glory World\'s people did not appear, then it would be troublesome!

Gu Zhilin hurriedly called for his assistant and had his assistant contact Frank from Glory World. Not long after, his assistant rushed over excitedly and told Gu Zhilin that Frank was here.

As expected, just as the conference was about to begin, Frank was escorted in by his assistant and bodyguards.

Upon seeing Frank, Gu Zhilin personally stood up to welcome him and led him to his seat.

When he saw Frank, Gu Zhilin\'s heart was at ease.

Fang Zhenglong did not expect to see Frank. It just so happened that Frank was sitting near him, so Fang Zhenglong swapped seats with someone and sat next to Frank.

"Mr. Frank, is your company not satisfied with the conditions that our Fang Corporation has proposed? Why did you come to the meeting today?" Fang Zhenglong asked.

Frank was a typical white man with blond hair and blue eyes, especially his blue eyes. They were extremely beautiful.

Frank looked at Fang Zhenglong and smiled politely at him. "The Fang Corporation\'s proposal is very tempting. I like it very much."

"Then why..." Fang Zhenglong did not understand.

"But I did not explicitly promise you Mr. Fang, did I?" Frank smiled.

Fang Zhenglong was stunned. That was indeed the case. If things were not finalised in the contract, there could always be changes.

"So Mr. Frank is planning to help Gu Zhilin?" Fang Zhenglong asked nervously. "Don\'t you know what kind of person Gu Zhilin is?"

Frank nodded, "I have already conducted a simple investigation on Mr. Gu."

"If that\'s the case, why are you helping him? This will harm Glory World."

Frank shook his head. "I didn\'t accept Mr. Gu\'s proposal either. In other words, Glory World hasn\'t made a final decision yet."

Hearing Frank\'s words, Fang Zhenglong\'s heart calmed down a little. Then, he said to Frank, "since that\'s the case, I\'ll agree to your proposal now. The Fang Corporation will increase your profit by 10%. As long as you can oppose Gu Zhilin in the meeting!"

Frank smiled at Fang Zhenglong. "I know what to do."

Fang Zhenglong thought that Frank had agreed to help him, so he returned to his seat with a peace of mind. He looked at Gu Zhilin with confidence.

Gu Zhilin saw Fang Zhenglong whispering something to Frank, and he felt uneasy, especially when he saw Fang Zhenglong\'s face. But when Gu Zhilin looked at Frank, the man smiled and nodded at him. This reaction made Gu Zhilin feel at ease again.

No matter what, the conference was still going to be held. The outcome, whether or not he could stay in this position, depended on today\'s conference.