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Chapter 1639 - Divorce

Gu Zhilin woke up early in the morning. This was probably the first time he had woken up so early in this period of time. When he was ready to go out, Fang Hua had just woken up and walked out leisurely in his pajamas. Fang Hua looked up and saw Gu Zhilin, dressed in suit and tie. The corners of his lips curved as he sneered.

Hearing Fang Hua\'s sneer, Gu Zhilin\'s face darkened. "What do you mean by that smile? !"

"What do you mean?" Fang Hua laughed impudently. "I\'m laughing at you for overestimating yourself. Now that the Gu Corporation is in this state, why are you still struggling on the brink of death? Why didn\'t you listen to my father and transfer your shares to him?"

"You want me to transfer my shares to him? Over my dead body!" Gu Zhilin roared angrily. Because he had issues with Fang Zhenglong, now, even looking at Fang Hua made him uncomfortable. He felt that everyone in the Fang family was scheming against him.

"HMPH! You don\'t know what\'s good for you! My father did that to help you. Don\'t forget how you got the position of the head of the family back then. Would you have gotten it without the help of the Fang family?"

Gu Zhilin hates it when Fang Hua talked about this matter so often. It made it seem like he forever owed her and the Fang family a favour.

Fang Hua saw the disgust on Gu Zhilin\'s face and continued to speak, "Gu Zhilin, you are a useless person who only knows how to do dirty things. First, you used improper means to get me, then, you used the Fang family to obtain the position of the head of the family. When the old man was alive, you relied on him for everything. Now that he is gone, you panic when something happened and wants to rely on our Fang family. My father gave you such a brilliant idea, but you didn\'t want to listen. You\'re really a selfish and incompetent person who only thinks of himself!"

"Enough!" Gu Zhilin finally flew into a rage out of humiliation. "If you despise me that much, let\'s divorce!"

Fang Hua sneered. "Divorce? So that you and your ex-wife can get back together? I\'m telling you, Gu Zhilin, don\'t dream about it! Do you think that it\'s so simple to get a divorce? Fine, then let\'s divorce. If I don\'t get half of your family\'s assets, I will forgo my family name!"

Fang Hua\'s words sent a chill down Gu Zhilin\'s spine!

That\'s right, it wouldn\'t be easy between Fang Hua and him to get a divorce. Both the Gu family and the Fang family were sharing resources and had business cooperation. If they divorced, they would definitely end their cooperation with the Fang family. After that, as Gu Zhilin\'s legal wife, Fang Hua would definitely file a divorce lawsuit with him. Fang Hua was different from his ex-wife, and the Fang family was not easy to fool. As long as the divorce lawsuit was filed, Gu Zhilin would definitely suffer heavy losses.

Looking at Fang Hua Now, Gu Zhilin felt terrified. Now that the Fang family was plotting against him, and those shareholders were chasing after him, Gu Zhilin felt like he was being attacked from both sides. He felt like he had suffered the consequences of his own actions.

If he had not trick Fang Hua to have s.e.x.u.a.l i.n.t.e.r.c.o.u.r.s.e with him back then, if he had not married Fang Hua, and if he had not been so stubborn about his position as the head of the family, perhaps he would not have to face such a complicated and depressing situation.

However, there was no turning back in life. Now, he could only place his hopes on the prosperous times.

He hoped that the prosperous times today would help him get through this difficult situation and that he will not end up with no way out.

With this thought in mind, Gu Zhilin glared at Fang Hua. He did not say anything else and left the house immediately.

Fang Hua looked at Gu Zhilin\'s back coldly, her eyes filled with disdain.

Initially, the Gu Corporation announced that they were holding a shareholders\' meeting, but the meeting was then upgraded to a corporation meeting. This meant that not only the shareholders would attend the meeting, but also the GU Corporation\'s partners.

The meeting was about to begin. Gu Zhilin sat at the head of the table with a solemn expression.