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Chapter 1638 - Return

After Guan Meiyi left, the onlookers dispersed. Ada gave Lu Lin a cold look and left without saying a word.

"Sister Ada!" Lu Lin chased after her and grabbed Ada, "Sister Ada, listen to me..."

"There\'s nothing to say!" Ada\'s face was cold, "From the day I picked you up, I\'ve told you that I don\'t like people who don\'t know their boundaries, don\'t know what they\'re talking about and like to spread rumours. You\'ve committed all of them today, and had already crossed my bottom line."

Lu Lin panicked. "Sister Ada, no! It\'s Sister Meiyi who wronged me... I..."

"Shut up!" Ada stood still and looked at Lu Lin coldly. "Guan Meiyi wronged you? Did Guan Meiyi say anything about you from the beginning to the end? Did she?"

Lu Lin was stunned and thought about it carefully. It seemed that Guan Meiyi really didn\'t say anything about her. Even when Gu Zhiqian asked about her lover, Guan Meiyi covered it up.

Recalling, Lu Lin\'s face changed and became complicated.

Ada\'s eyes were cold, "Some words don\'t need to be said. You can understand them as long as you look at them. "I\'ve been working with Guan Meiyi for so long. How could I not know what kind of person she is? I, Ada, can\'t take care of artists like you who doesn\'t know how to respect others. Since we haven\'t formally signed a manager contract yet. I\'ll let the company know and dissolve our working relationship."

Lu Lin was completely dumbfounded when she heard this. She quickly grabbed Ada and said, "Sister Ada, don\'t do this! I\'ll repent and change! I\'ll change!"

"We\'ll only talk about it after you\'ve changed! Originally, I wanted to nurture you and package you to become the next Meiyi. After all, your current ability in all aspects are already quite good. However, your character isn\'t up to par. My temple is small, and I can\'t serve an important Buddha like you!" Ada shook off Lu Lin\'s hand, "also, don\'t even think about the upcoming movie with best actor Gu. Given that situation just now, even I could see through it. Do you think that best actor Gu wouldn\'t see through it? Guan Meiyi has already given you a lot of respect. You should take care of yourself!"

After saying that, Ada walked angrily towards the office of the higher-ups.

"Sister Ada..." Lu Lin stood there helplessly. She knew that everything was ruined because of her words...

Lu Lin\'s assistant saw that her artiste was going to be crippled, so she quickly ran to catch up with Ada to put in good words for Lu Lin. However, no matter what she said, Ada had already made up her mind. There was no turning back.

Ada was not a fool. It was impossible to say that her relationship with Guan Meiyi was as good as that of a biological sister. As a manager, she naturally hoped that she could bring out more artistes like Guan meiyi, or even artistes who could surpass Guan Meiyi.

However, Lu Lin inflated too easily. She hadn\'t done anything yet, but she was already so verbally unforgiving. What would she do in the future? This kind of unscrupulous mind wouldn\'t achieve anything great at all. It would only bring her endless trouble.

The matter of Lu Lin returning to her original manager by Ada soon spread in Zhi Ya Entertainment. However, all of this had nothing to do with Guan Meiyi. Her due date was getting closer. Now, she could only rest at home and take care of the baby. Zhao Huimin was inseparable from her every day.

In the blink of an eye, it was Monday, the day of the GU Corporation\'s general meeting.